Friday, August 28, 2009


I always seem to have random adventures with alisha.
We left riverside wednesday, our plan was simple:
1. wednesday- go to redding california to drop heather off at simpson
2. thursday- drive through oregon and stop in vancouver washington at courtney's house
3. friday- go to alisha's school in kirkland and move her in and then spend the day in seattle

but that is not what happened.

her car broke down in southern oregon. we were stopped on the side of the i-5. we got towed. we were waiting for the tow truck to get to us and decided to be productive and paint our nails.
got a room at the seven feathers casino in canyonville oregon. population: 1400. we were pretty much the onlyt ones at the hotel who didn't qualify for a senior discount.
here's leesh at dinenr surrounded by old ladies.
after dinner we went into town to check out the pioneer days... canyonville's celebration of oregon's 150th birthday. it was cute. we swear by this point the whole town knew there were two girls there from california whose car had broke down in their town.

we were both tired from the day and we went to bed early. thursday morn the car was ready to go so we were on our way to vancouver washington to court's house. we made it and then went back down to portland for the evening.

made a stop at voodoo doughnuts. i had a maple bacon bar
delish. i really love cities, and portland was no exception. it seemed so clean and i love all the trees surrounding it. after that we went to a bible study.

tomorrow we leave for alisha's school. we are moving her into the dorms and then going into seattle to explore.

we have met so many weird/random/interesting people on our trip so far... and im not going home till wednesday, so only God knows what elese is in store for us.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The office.

ok. today heather, edgar and I decided to go into la to find a random adventure. on the way there we were looking on the iphone for "top FREE things to do in la and that sort of thing

We found the address for the exterior filming of the Scranton Business park and the Dunder Miffilin parking lot so we decided to go.

we pulled up and there's Andy (david wallace) standing outside talking to some fans from texas. he was so nice and he remembered our names and introduced us to some sound people who came over to tell him that he was going to start filming. Andy told us we could watch his scene with John (jim) from the parking lot. so we waited.

and we saw them film but i honestly have no idea what happened in the scene except for a serious conversation between jim and david wallace that ended with jim walking away.

but then we waited by the exit and oscar drove up to the gate, parked his car, and got out to take a picture with us.

and then the same thing happened with Kate (Meridith)
we waited a few more minutes and saw John Krasinski getting into his car. and we were excited. and then he drove off the lot and waved and we thought he wasn't going to stop. but he totally did. basically parked his car in the street and took a picture with us.

apparently people just started coming two weeks ago, before this season they didn't even have security guards or anything. so if you want to take a trip to scranton i suggest doing it before they get too swamped with fans.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

tadpoleing and marshmallow feet.

i don't know what it is.
but i just do not feel like writing sentences and paragraphs and stuff.
so i just upload videos.
i think it might be that i have been on summer break for 3 months now.
im entering the last month of break.
here we go august. let's make this a good month.

please enjoy this video of alisha, ellise, and cayla hanging out at the canyon crest town center tadpoling in the little stream.
seriously. i love summer and the random things that happen.

and here is another video.
this is a game we played at jr high youth group.
i feel like someone should make some sort of fear factor/amazing race/wipeout for 12-14 year olds. i know it would be entertaining.