Sunday, June 28, 2009

digital organization.

i really like keeping my desktop in order.
i like making folders to keep everything in.

the only problem is sometimes i weave such a complicated web of folders and extensions that things get filed away forever.

until i go looking for something and come across these hidden folders again.
this picture was taking at lunch one day. it was one of those lunches where you just stay in the caf and hang out with like 40 different people and just drink a slurpee and then start playing games and being destructive.
look at that magic spoon!

i have no idea where i grabbed this illustration from. but i saved it because i really liked the style and everything. the balloon reminds me... if you haven't seen Up! yet get on that!!! i loved it.
bears. raccoons. vampires. lincoln. zombies. kittens. robots vhs tapes.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


as in ALbums.
i like it when abbrevs kinda don't really work.

i have talked about this before but if some unknown person some how stumbled upon my itunes library they would probably be confused as to what kinda person i am. i have so much random music. and usually listen to it on shuffle. or i create a genius playlist. or i listen to one of the many playlists i have created. but lately i have been keeping the family together as the artists intended. there are some albums that just have good flow. that need to be heard in order. that are best kept in a set.
i mean no one wants to break up the band.

some (al)bums i recommend you listen to in their entirety.

manchester orchestra, mean everything to nothing
kanye west, 808s and heartbreak

midlake, the trials of van occupantherphosphorescent, to willie
and mewithoutyou, it's all crazy! it's all false! it's all a dream! it's alright.

blog about my lack of blogs.

i love blogging. but lately i have been slacking. liz told me i needed to blog. so here it goes.

i used to go through life thinking "oh this would make a perfect blog" and then i would get home and type it out. maybe include a picture or two. add a few links and call it a day.

and now i just don't have those thoughts. if something particularly noteworthy happens throughout the day i will just twitter about it. and then i get home and look at my blog and know that i want to post something but then i just don't have anything new to share. especially considering the fact that most of you who read this also follow me on twitter.

so i am going to try to recap the summer so far:
movies, quelf, friends, jr high, adventures, watchers, sleep-overs, bbqs, beach, disneyland, secrets, parties, nocturnal, art, music, family, nail polish, building, cleaning, change, catching up, guitar hero, how i met your mother, gossip girl, up!, derassi, say yes to the dress, lemonade, sunshine, wii, good byes, isp send offs, los angeles, and new friends.

things i am looking forward to:
chicago for my birthday!
summer camp!

Friday, June 19, 2009


it has been drawn to my attention that there are a lot of "classic movies" that i just have not seen. movies such as

  • signs
  • the ring
  • risky business
  • dumb an dumber
  • the goonies
  • godfather
  • monty python
  • indiana jones
  • termanator
  • the matrix
  • braveheart
  • the bourne movies
  • final destination
so if anyone out there thinks that i just simply MUST watch one of these movies then i am down. movie night?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

salvation mountain.

yesterday i went on an adventure to salvation mountain with alisha, josiah, and kevin.
seriously the coolest thing ever.
can i please do something awesome and meaningful with my life please?
on the way there we stayed on the 10 a little too long and ended up in the middle of nowhere. 
it was a cool place for a quick photo tho.
the self timer feature on cameras was a wonderful invention.
seriously i have had a great summer so far. i have loved spending time with lots of different people and getting to do some awesome things.
1 month down.
3 more to go!

Monday, June 1, 2009

things i want.

let me just be materialistic for a while. 

things i want:
an awesome blossom/bloomin onion
hot and sour soup
horseback riding
new episodes of degrassi
longer eyelashes
this delish watermelon lemonade that i invented once
a phone that i can talk on that doesn't sound like everything is distant
to get a really bad sunburn and then have it turn into a tan and have a little bit of my skin peel off
a swim with a beluga whale
a clean room
live music
sour patch kids
the south
the 6th harry potter book... figures thats the only one i cant find
my fave salad to come back to panera
cbu friends to come back to riverside
pixar's up
life to be a musical
people who watch the dumb shows i am into so i can talk about them (skins/the best years)
100 summer dresses
more time with family
more game nights

thats all for now.
sorry for this potentially annoying blog.