Wednesday, January 28, 2009

bible book marks.

today at youth group a jr higher gave me a picture that she had drawn.
this jr higher has a mad-crush on one of the boys in the youth group.
but she swears she doesn't.
also, she swears that this is not a picture of that boy.
but this cartoon boy bears a striking resemblance to her crush.complete with little 12 year old mustache.
seriously this is why i love jr highers.

so after she gave it to me i of course stuck it in my bible to use as a book mark.

which got me thinking about the other random pictures and sentiments i use. that is a picture of nationa, one of my girls from louisiana.
i recently put her picture on my bulletin board, but tonight i decided to put it back in my bible.
this is a photobooth picture of me and my friend lauren from probably 6th or 7th grade.
our moms dropped us off at the mall and we purchased matching roxy shirts and then took pictures at photomakers.
i dont know how this picture got in my bible, but i like it. that is an add for "friends with diverse abilities" toys. I remember seeing it in a catalogue in louisiana one day when josiah and i were going on facebook or somehting and it made me smile so i ripped it out and stuck it in my bible. possibly the only legit bookmark, merrick gave this to me the first night i met him.
i dont know the story behind this or anyhitng. i just thought it looked cool.
but i think the fabric might be from his stay in india this past summer.

so that is all.

oh another thing.
i need to learn how to forgive.
this is something i am struggeling with.
i am sorry.

Monday, January 19, 2009

laundry time.

oh four day weekend.
i have been consistantly having fun times the past four days.

friday- went to disney land wiht jillian to help her spend her birthday fun card at disneyland. (because if you have an annual pass you can go on your bday and get a gift card with 70 bucks on it.) and then we went out to dinner for her 21st. followed by a viewing of the notorious b.i.g. movie. then some quality time spent with friends in the albertos parking lot untill 2 in the morning.

saturday- went to mark lamberth's funeral. i did not know him but i had been reading the blog and praying. seriously i learned alot at the funeral and got to hear some awesome people speak things i really needed to hear. then i watched pineapple express and got a pedicure with jillian and andrew. we decided to go to disneyland the next day so i acutally went to bed pretty early.

sunday- actually got up to go to sandals at 8:30 am. yes in the moring. then a quick trip over to bunch and then me jillian and andrew were off to disneyland! and it was crowded. we didn't ride that many rides but we saw alot of shows and did that whole thing. it was fun but i came hoome exhausted.

monday- got to sleep in and then went to balboa with some of the girls from my cottage. i really was in a poopy mood at first. i dont know why i was so cranky. but then i ended up having a lot of fun. and the sunset was beautiful. (believe it or not, but this picture was taken with my cell phone.)
but now it is monday night and i have homework to work on, some reading i want to get done, clean up my room, and i need to do laundry becuase im about to run out of clean underwear (you can wear jeans over and over again, but once you are out of chonies its totally laundry day).

Thursday, January 8, 2009

love and respect.

im working on a paper for my "art and the bible class"
and just thought i would post a quick blog.

"The sacredness of human personality is evident in that God created man in His own image, and in that Christ died for man; therefore, every person of every race possesses full dignity and is worthy of respect and Christian love."

i freaking love that so much.
and i don't even know what love means.

here is a quick video from louisiana. these are jane's 3-7 year olds playing musical chairs.
it makes me smile.

Monday, January 5, 2009

arizona road trip.

jillian and i got the chance to go out to arizona this weekend to visit abby.

abby lives in minnesota but she was in az visiting her parents.
it was awesome to get to see ehr (after a year) and catch up.

we did touristy things in scottsdale.
like shop in stores that sell small cacti and cow boy boot necklaces.
we also went to the hippy gypsy store.
and we saw a man on his horse playing the guitar.

we did some other random things like going to the sugar bowl ice cream shop twice in the same day. and going out to dinner with her family. and hanging out with her sister who is basically abby's twin.

but the best part really was getting to see abby.
i miss her.
and i don't have any pictures with her. those are all on jillian's new camera.