Tuesday, January 29, 2008

why i dont hate the fact that i am still in riverside.

i feel really sick today. something is going around the school.

so i was talking to my mom about being sick and a hour later my mom, dad, and hannah show up on my doorstep with hot apple cider for me. such a surprise.
we had a nice short visit and i got to hold my puppy, whom i love. and get hugs from mom and dad.

i originally wanted to leave riverside and move away as soon as high school was over but i really love cbu and i think i might have chosen to go here even if "here" was somewhere else. seriously. i love this school.

film class.

so at first i wasnt sure what to think of this class. i was kinda intimadated by my teacher and the other students. on the first day we had to tell everyone what our favorite movie is. most people had these really deep movies that are commended for their cinematography. so i was getting pretty nervous, what should i say? i couldnt possibly be honest and tell the whole class my favorite movie is sisterhood of the traveling pants. so i said fight club. in hindsight i should have listed a few movies so people would think i was well rounded.

so my teacher is totally a member of the writers guild. so in my opinion class should be canceled while they are on strike. professor kevanos has this passionate rich voice. i just want him to narrate my life.

we started out watching thiss horrible racist film, Birth of a Nation.aside from being so dumb and promoting the reclamation the South after the uncivil blacks had destroyed the great southern values. the black cast members are portrayed as lesser beings. white supremacy is shown trough dialog and behaviors. even though the southerners had lost the civil war they retained their honor and dignity by caring for one another, and working hard for the cause. they were shown as the victims of slavery in America.

aside from that it was three hours long! and silent! ew.

then we watched battleship potemkin. i originally thought we might be viewing some russian version of pokemon (gotta catch em all!). but i was wrong.
the next movie was the german film metropolis. eh. nothing really to say about this one.

then we got to watch gold rush. a great charlie chaplin movie.
so funny!
like for reals laughing out loud.

then today we watched It Happened One Night. clark gable and claudette colbert. so cute. so funny. i was impressed. i still have about 20 minutes left that i still have to watch. but i am actually looking forward to doing that homework.

so im looking forward to the rest of the class. now that we have gotten out of the silent era.

Monday, January 28, 2008

i love spanish.

i love spanish. and i think this is hilarious.
it makes me want to take another spanish class.

i am pretty good at understanding about 80% of the conversations i hear. maybe that percantage is a little high. im not so good at speaking.
although my pronunciation is good.
example: a few times in the cafeteria i will ask for carne asada tacos. and i say it with a real good accent and then the servers ask me if i speak spanish. because i sound so prefessional.

my awesome grandma weinsttein taught spanish kindergarden in north hollwood for the longest time. and she is pretty much fluent. it was always fun for me when we would go out to lunch or something and she would talk to somone in spanish, because people dont expect to see a little old jewish lady speaking spanish.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

passion conference.

thats where im headed this weekend.

francis chan
louie giglio
david crowder band
chris tomlin
matt redman

im excited.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

thanks mlk jr.

thanks to the awesomeness that is martin luther king junior i had a awesome four day weekend (four-day because i never have school on fridays).

friday- i joined cindy, holly, and monica at pf changs. we feasted on yummy food (crispy honey shrimp is my fave) and had a great time. i love that place. riverside has really stepped it up restaurant wise. later that night kristin and i went to the movies. we saw atonement. it was pretty good. a nice mix of artsy stuff, history, mystery, suspense. the film moves super slow at times, but besides that and the glamorization of smoking it was two thumbs up. and im really a fan of the green dress kiera wore. its so glamorous. good movie. i would recommend it.

saturday- i slept way way in. and then cindy janai and i went to java bliss to get our study on. but they closed at 7 so we had to bounce over to my house for great conversations, homework, and guitar hero.

sunday- church at the grove. i went to "big church" and i think im learning i have the attention span of a junior higher. the service highlighted some of the trips that the church went on this past year, and educatated the members about the importance of going to the ends of the earth.

the past year and a half has been awesome in regards to my mission opportuinities. i got to go to mexico, chile, utah, and cambodia. but i really dont know what the Lord has in store for me this summer. Back to cambodia? hatti? utah? costa rica? tibet? job? summer camp? san fransisco? i just dont know...

after brunch janai and i watched a good ten hours of prison break season 2. it was intense. great show.

we went to sandals at 7. and i really dont know what to say.
ok i will say that sometimes all the "stuff" gets in the way of worship. and i know its not about whether or not i like the particular song we are singing... but whether or not it is pleasing to Gods ears. but for me smacking a beach ball around during the singing of Queen's "we will rock you" was pretty distracting from the reason i sing.

we came back form sandals and watched more prison break.
i fell asleep to this...

monday- kristin woke me up in time for lunch. following a 2 1/2 caf expierence we had a mlk photo shoot.

then some more prison break. we plowed through most of season two. we only have 2 episodes left! seriously and amazing show. i can not wait for season three to come out on dvd. (i cant watch it on real time tv because every single commercial break is a clif hanger and im too impatient to wait a whole week for a new episode...so i just wait months and watch it all in one foul swoop)(i know. fell swoop, but i have been saying fowl for years)

then i went to jonnie mac and drew's apartment. we played guitar hero.

i cleaned my room. did laundry. read some. painted my nails (gold sparkley). ate a few lemon heads. thanks for staying with me through this lonnnng blog. i think this is my longest yet. or maybe i just put some big pictures up in here to deceive you.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Taking out the trash (tv).

i confess. watching garbage on tv is one of my vices.

My tv is almost always on mtv. and i watch whatever trash they feed me. but this semester i am trying something new: if i have homework or reading to do im not going to turn the tv on.

all this week i hadnt watched anything until what not to wear last night.

ok. thats a lie. i did watch the office with mon and holly. and degrassi with julia and kristin. but besides that nothing.

in other news: i am completely addicted to jetman. serously all you facebookers need to add it.
or maybe you shouldn't.

Monday, January 14, 2008

i love mail.

so i just checked my mail box for the first time this month. it was stuffed.

its not like i have a million friends who are constantly sending me letters pouring out their hearts to me or anything.
i love to get mail so i fill out surveys and such online.
today in my mailbox:
a hpv information packet
and a sweet orange bracelet.

i also got a letter from the washington state potato commission and a temporary tattoo of a potato with a mustache and a cowboy hat.

a graduation announcement from kimie. a thank you card from kimie. and a party invitation from her as well. as far as my mailbox goes she was a good choice in friend.

i got five issues of tv guide.
three issues of us news and world report.
one issue of harpers bazaar.
and one issue of redbook.

and then i went to the book store and spent 400 dollars on books.
i still need to buy two more but they are out of stock right now.

if anyone wants to send me money you will make my day on multiple levels:

  1. i will have mail
  2. i will have money
  3. i will have knowledge
8432 magnolia ave
riverside ca 92504

Sunday, January 13, 2008

chipotle, you have let me down.

my favorite food is a chipotle burrito.
and this is how you make it.
"i would like a vegetarian burrito"
--"would you like to add sauteed onions and bell peppers?"
"no thank you"
--"what kind of meat?"
"no meat."
"corn salsa and mild salsa, please"
--"sour cream and cheese?"
"yes please"
--"anything else?"
"would you please cut my burrito in half?"
--"sure. would you like chips and salsa? a drink?"
"just chips and a free drink please"
--"can i see your student id card?"
and then i pay and enjoy. i take one half od the burrito and dump out the contents into a bowl. the other half gets wrapped up and stored in the fridge for later. or if im with my mom she eats the other half. i dip the chips into the burrito filling and eat the soggy tortilla on the side.

but tonight i heard the terrible news. chipotle no longer gives out free drinks to students. i guess as of january first they stopped that act of kindness.

amercia's next top grandpa model.

thursday in the middle of my aesthetics in the class room class my mom called me. and i ignored her call. three times. because i was paying attention and i have never been one to leave a class to answer a call. i actually never leave my class.
i just feel awkward. and i dont understand why people need to use the bathroom during class. i mean there are 24 hours in a day, just wait till after class.
well come to find out my mom was calling me because my grandma was in the hospital and they were running a bunch of tests to figure out what was wrong.

becuase i have an awesome school schedule i was able to go to north hollywood that night with my dad. when we got to the hospital my grandma looked pretty good. im not a doctor or anything but i think she must have been faking it.

friday i hung out with my grandpa and we watched americas next top model for about four hours. i dont know why i find thoes reruns entertaining. but it was cycle 7 i believe. where nicole wins.

saturday grandpa got to pick what we watched. football. ew. honestly football is my least favorite sport. i feel like for professionals the players are not that good. if i was a professional football player i would probably be better then them.

my grandma was suposed to go home today but her blood count is really low and they are going to do more tests. thanks for your prayers.

now im going to get organized by writing down all the important dates from my syllabi (spell check is not recognizing this word) into my planner. and im hanging out with my awesome dog hannah. then i will go back to school.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

back to school.

today i started my spring semester. it was a good day.

i kicked it off with breakfast in the caf with kristin.
followed by chapel with (sorta) jillian. (we were separated by about seven people). i was kinda distracted and wasnt that into the message. like john montgomery made some good points, but his style is so cliche. eh. idk.
then i had my digital imaging class. it was nice. im back with pardee in the basement. and i think the class will be interesting and useful. expect a super rad myspace pic by the end of that class.
next was my current trends in youth ministry class. im way excited about this one. i think i was the only non-christian studies major there. and im real excited about what we will be studding in class. also my teacher totally listed his blogspot on the syllabus. so hi-tech.

highlight of my day: discovering both of my classes will not be meeting on fridays! so i basically have a three day weekend every weekend.
and then i ate lunch with janai and suzy. and janai and i hung out with abby for a while and watched a movie.

dinner was uneventful.

emily came over and i said bye to her. now she is off to florida and then chicago.
and then the night ended with some gossip girl with kristin. i love that show.
i want the writers strike to end so we will get a season two. is that selfish of me?

well im going to go to bed now. even though my classes start at 11. i guess 10 hours of sleep wont hurt.

Monday, January 7, 2008

i stalk people.

and when i stop and think about what i do it sounds creepy.
when i get my school schedule i try to figure out who my teachers are. and not just who they are in class... but who they are on myspace. and facebook. and blogger. i check their ratemyprofessor.com ratings, and then i run some google searches.

thats creepy right?
but, as i have found, the internet is definitely a public access thing. so its my right to know.

the reason im posing this now is that for a while my "current trends in youth ministry" class did not have a teacher. and now it does. and he has a blog. and i found it. and i almost left him a comment.

but i didnt. because i dont want him to lurk my blog and judge me.
considering my last two posts were about going to a tattoo expo and really enjoying the alvin and the chipmunks movie i figure im sending off a weird first impression.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

tattoo expo.

so i really wanted to go to the tattoo and body art expo in pomona.
and jackie and i went together today.

i have been wanting to get this piercing.

once we got to the fairplex i talked to this guy
his name is "iguana mike" and he has a star implant on his forehead. and a metal spike mowhawk. he told me that to do the spiral thingy it would be best to get three separate cbrs and then once the piercing has healed to make custom jewlery.

so right now i have three fatty rings in my ear. and honestly im not a fan of the way they look. they are ust too big and hangy for my ears. :[
i think im going to wait for them to heal and then take them out. or replace the rings with something smaller.
this experienced convinced me i am not ready to get a tattoo. they are just too permanent. i can take piercings out whenever i want to.
the craziest thing i saw today was:
a corset piercing! it horrifyingly awesome.
dont worry mom. im not getting one of these.
ill leave you with this.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

i've been munked.

chipmunked that is.

tonight i went out with kimie to see alvin and the chipmunks.
it was super cute.

i need this shirt in my life.take your kids to see the movie. there isnt really an important moral or anything to this story, but you will be entertained.