Monday, December 29, 2008

i was a weird child.

sometimes i forget how weird i was back in elementary school.
and then i find something like this to remind me:that would be my atom project from 4th (or maybe 3rd) grade.
i had the element calcium and i had the bright idea to use a milk carton as the nucleus.
cow stickers as the protons.
plastic bones as the neutrons.
and plastic eggs as the electrons.

oh no, no styrofoam balls for me.

seriously, how did i have friends?

now back to moving out of my room. I gave it to my brother for christmas so now we are trading and i get the smaller room. but a bigger closet.i took another photo break becuase i found my john smith doll.
i remember seeing pocahontas in the theaters at least four times.

also, like my new spectacles?
oh and notice the Bob's Big Boy piggy bank on the bookshelf? so classic.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

all i wanted to do was read.

so tonight i had the urge to read a roald dalh book.

this is what you need to know going into this story: my mom is middle school library media teacher.a really awesome one at that.
we have book shelves in pretty much every room in our house except the bathrooms.
(but you will still find books in there)

i was on a mission to find any of our old books by him.
the one i really wanted to read was The Witches.
second on my list was the one about the boy who drugs the pheasants by putting sleeping pills in raisins. i couldn't remember the name of the book (it's Danny, Champion of the World).
And i would have been completely satisfied with The Twits, The BFG, Matilda, or fantastic mr fox.

so i began the search. i started on the book shelves in the hallway by may parents room. wasnt there. move one to the small bedroom shelves, and closet, checked in the living room, jacobs room, and my room.

i did see plenty of beverly clearys, mrs tiggywinkle, comic books, judy blume, harry potter, box car children, amber brown, cs lewis, tolkien, and a bunch of classic children's novels.
but no dalh.
and that's all i wanted.
I was not interested in all these other books that had brought me hours of enjoyment and entertainment in my childhood. all i wanted was Dolh.
at this point i was becoming desperate.
I would have settled for charlie and the chocolate factory or james and the giant peach. even the giraffe and the pelly and me would have done.

but these books were no where to be found.
i looked on all the shelves for a second time. they had to be there! but alas, i count not locate them.

so i had to give up. and i really hate giving up.
if i think that i might not succeed usually i just avoid the task all together (not a good strategy)
but at this point i has tried really hard to find a book, so it was hard to admit defeat.

i did find another book i have been wanting to reread.
coraline. the movie will be released on feburary 9th and you better believe i am going to see it in theaters. its a stop motion animation move. and there is music from they might be giants.

my mom got me a copy of the book five years ago and its totaly signed by the author, neil gaiman.

so now i am going to read that book, and tomorrow i will ask my mom if she knows where any of the Roald Dahl books are.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

naming things.

i want to blog but i have nothing that i really want to share with the entire interweb.

its been an interesting break.

so i am pretty obsessive about how my music in my itunes library is organized.

i have a heck of a lot of music. 5257 songs worth.
so that's a lot of items to organize.

and i like to make playlists too.
becuase sometimes i am just in to mood for some chillaxing or happy happy joy joy and other times i just want to release my inner gangster and listen to some bangin' music.
then we have the disney jams, disney classics, and listen to this while you drink coffee.

i have all the music we listened to in the car in louisiana (louisiana car rides) in another playlist. and i have the gospel songs we sang at church in louisiana (halel la la luia) in another playlist.

there are a few others but those are the most frequentally played play lists. oh i left out the Lets be hardcore and shake our heads playlist.

and if you couldnt tell... i also enjoy naming these playlists.
actually, i enjoy naming lots of things.

so if you like have a baby, or anyhting else that needs naming... im your girl.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

artsy fartsy weekend.

friday night i went with kristin and jillian to a rocking art sho in a mansion in the hollywood hills.really how cool does that make us sound? becuase i feel cool typing it.
it was for my friend alex's art class at biola.
and the dj from the black eyed peas was there.
and then saturday jillian and i went to my little brother's friends house for a christmas party.
it was called christMIX and his friend dj-ed and jacob played his music.
then joe came over and we watched alvin and the chipmunks.

so i had a fun filled two days but today was set aside for finishing my drawing projects.
so i have been drawing all day and my hands are pretty dirty. and i didnt think about that fact as i was typing away on my white keyboard making a playlist to listen to while i drew, so now my keys are a little dirty.

i have been listing to a mix of:
philip glass
manchester orchestra
o'brother where art thou
twilight soundtrack
fionn regan
and some bright eyes christmas.

Monday, December 8, 2008

pictures galore.

So today i plugged my cell phone into my computer and i figured i would blog about all the random pictures i had on my cell phone. that first one is a package of pickles. i thought it was weird. like picture a lunch pack size of apple sauce, pudding, or fruit cocktail. but fill it with pickles.

prepare yourself for the next one, its a little graphic.
that is what my room looked like last week for a few days. it was really really messy. it is clean now. and someday i want to do like a video tour of my cottage, because those are always fun.

that's jackie. she is holding the sweet baby jesus that was part of the nativity scene on the mohn's lawn. she brought him into the house and then found out it was like made by some famous artist and is pretty valuable. sweet baby jesus in your golden diapers.

this is what i drew last week in art class, it's not finished yet.
a while ago wile i was at barnes and nobel i saw this book.
it has the same cover as twilight. weird.

and this is my new favorite application.PolaDroid project. its really easy to use. you just drop on image into the camera. it snaps photo and then you have to wait a few moments for it to develope. and then you have a polaroid looking image.

justine, corinne, me, and molly before our fancy girl dinner.

justine and kristin at justine's 20th birthday party, it was jonas brothers themed.

i made a bunch of polorids last night. lots of fun. and again, the link is here for that sweet application.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

i guess i am honest.

friday night we had our jr high leader christmas party.
its always fun to hang out wiht the other leaders, becuase even though i see everyone pretty much twice a week, we are always around a million 12-14 year olds.

so we had an awards ceremony. some serious awards, some joke awards, and some very awkward awards. and i mean awkward.

i got "the most honest award"
so if you need an honest opinion i will tell you mine, and i wont sugar coat it, basically.
i think that's a god thing?

also this weekend i started to embroider.
i looked up a few different stitches and made this little tree. it was fun. kinda took a while.
i think next time i wil use a pattern instead of free handing.
so there it is: my tree and my award.

Friday, December 5, 2008


so i finally added a bunch of links to other blogging friends on my side bar.

if you don't see yourself over there let me know.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

CBU DesigNation

I am one of the student bloggers for the Graphic design program's blog.

so you should check it out.

we will be posting student work, and other insider information about our program.

my first post is a fewe entries down so you need to scroll down a bit and check it out.

so you should subscribe to our blog and be amazed.

here it is one more time. so click here.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008



heather wheppler cut my hair today, and now i have bangs.
im liking them.
but really having hair in your face constantly is a weird feeling.

today was a good day. i got up and actually had breakfast in the caf. that was the second time this year. you know me, i like to sleep in.