Tuesday, May 27, 2008

we ahhhready hype!

man oh man. it has only been four days but my time in louisiana has been off the chain so far.

i am not carrying my cell phone everywhere with me, so if i don't get back to replying to your messages that's why. with that said, don't stop the contact. i am loving hearing from people, its so encouraging to know you are thinking about me and my trip and hopefully praying.

umm, seriously the best way to get the gist of what is going on in my life would be to check out my team's blog at louisianaexpirement.blogspot.com

we have a bunch of pictures up there now.

specific things to pray for:
-the other counselors. its just an interesting bunch.
-my pride. its hard to determine when i am being helpful as opposed to arrogant.
-the team dynamic. things have been stellar so far.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


i might be freaking out right now.

maybe tonight my debit card was denied. and then it is possible that the online baking wasn't working. oh and then maybe i called the phone number and they said my account doesn't exist.

maybe i still have to pack.

today heather got in a car accident. she is in the hospital. she fractured three vertebrae. pray for her.

it was a weird day.
i leave in 7 hours.
i am so blessed and sometimes i forget that.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


i leave for louisiana saturday.
i will be there for six weeks.

this is how you can stay updated.

it's my team's blog.

i wrote the first post. and i even used capitol letters and correct-ish grammar.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

sebastian lives in a hat

one of my favorite childhood books was:its about this wombat who is orphaned when a car runs over his mama. then he is rescued by some humans who put im in a hat (because he needs to be in a pouch). sebastian grows up and ends up wearing the hat.seriously, so cute. that one is a real baby wombat living in a hat!they are like a much cooler version of a guinea pig.
So i have always wanted to go to australia! becuase they have the coolest animals. Wombats! kangaroos! koala bears! bandicoots! walabys! wallaroos! bilby! pademelons! platypus! tasmanian devils! spotted cuscus!

so who wants to go with me?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

middle names.

i dont know if its a talent or a gift, but i am really good at remembering people's middle names.
in no particular order:

alyse, marie, anna, nichelle, neil, cecile, suzy, lynn, kristine, anne, ann, elyce, and amanda.
do you guys feel loved? because you are. and obviously spelling is not important. but i love you guys even if i cant spell your names.

and whats my middle name? it's danger. rachel danger weinstein.
well that was a lie. elaina. i think it gives me some spicy latina flair. especially if im in spanish class. raquel elaina. alright so im not latin, that was also a lie.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

i twitter.

i just signed got a twitter account.

because thats exactly what i need in my life, another networking site.
and then i downloaded twitterrific.

stalk me?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

pokemon snap.

yah thats right.
this is what im doing on my summer vacation.tonight after some frustrations while playing cars "tractor tipping" on the xbox360 heather jacob and i decided to get out the old n64. anyone remember this game? your a funny looking red haired kid taking pictures of all the pokemon you see on your journey. classic. i unlocked the pester balls and apples and decided it was time for bed.
but first:
isn't this the cutest pokemon? if you think pikachu is, then i have one word for you: bandwagon.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

rice krispies treats cereal, i thought you were gone forever.

this used to be my favorite type of cereal:i remember trenton from down the street would come over before kindergarden and we would watch tv and eat rice krispies treats cereal before school. i also remember him getting nose bleeds kinda frequently.

this amazing cereal is made up of bits of amazing rice krispie treats. and i thought they stopped making it. but you can totally buy it from amazon!
and i know its like the same exact thing as eating a rice krispie treat square.
but eating it out of a bowl with a spoon is so much more fun.

Friday, May 9, 2008

new bible.

yesterday i went out with my grandma and she bought me a new bible as an early birthday present. (im going to be gone on my birthday again this year.)
im excited to get started in this esv bible. im in daniel right now.

if i was going to judge a book by its cover i would say that the stories filled in this beautiful book must be amazing.

its hard though to leave behind all my notes in my old bible. but its exciting too.
should i attack this precept style? or start with some light underlines? highlighter? colored pencil? writing in the margins? i could develop a whole system of markings and colors and everything.

how do you handle a new bible?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

death cab for cutie and dvr.

tonight i randomly went to swirl (riverside's new hot spot) with jackie and heather.
its this new frozen yogurt (fro yo, if you are into that sort of thing) place.
its a self serve, pay by weight place. and its super trendy.

afterwards we went to the $3 dollar theater and saw 21.

now its almost three and im still wide awake. i posted one blog. read the book. cut my fingernails and toe nails and turned on musc videos for background.

and while i was watching death ca for cutie's video for i will possess your heart i totally noticed CAMBODIA.

and i paused the tv and watched it again. twice.
and it made me happy.
i have been there. and i have people i love there.
and i miss cambodia.

the tables have turned.

this picture was taken last year at the globe when i left for my isp trip. she got up at the butt crack of dawn to pray for me and wave goodbye while i rode off into the abyss.

janai and i really should not be friends. we have opposite tastes in everything!
she hates chick flicks and musicals! when actors have accents it annoys her. she never cries. she really likes the kind of rock that i hate, she enjoys some country music. she rarely cries.
she is a health science major and is dreading those three units of art you have to take for general ed, while i am putting off all my science classes. i have fallen asleep during several of her favorite movies. she makes her bed every morning. she hates mushrooms and loves olives. she is totally a carnivore and i could go a while without meat. she loves sports and spongebob.

its just funny to think about how different we are. but yet our friendship works. i think the important thing is we listen to each other. often times i feel like relationships are pretty one sided: i either spend the eniterty of a conversation talking about my self, or i walk away wihout saying a word. its hard to find that medium of talking and listening, but i think i have that with janai. our schedules were so diferent this spring semester we would go days without seeing each other, but it was totally naturally when we finally got to hang out again. janai is willing to try stuff. she watched phantom of the opera with me (chick flick, musical, accents). she understands how i work. i don't know. im my head this post had a nice cute ending, with lots of meaningful reasons why she is so awesome but instead i rambled on about our tastes in pop culture.

she has been staying at my house this past week and tonight she left for her isp trip to argentina. i am so excited for her. i am so proud of her. i am going to miss her.