Monday, March 30, 2009

a gift from my parents.

today i wore my billy joel/elton john shirt. i felt pretty cool. not gunna lie. 

i feel like i should say more, but the shirt really was the whole reason for this blog. 

now its time for bed, i think im going to read for a while tho, because my roommate is still up working on a project and it just feels weird to fall asleep before her. 

oh so next year i will be living in the "global village" its an area where students get to live with international students and like get to know them and all kinda of fun stuff. im really excited about this because im not going on a mission trip this summer, and i have gone somewhere every summer for the past few years, but i will have this awesome ministry opportunity waiting for me back at school.

osla, sti lirpa sloof yad yadot.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


i had a great spring break. 
really, it was a good one. 
i got to hang out with some friends i rarely see, relax, watch lots of tv, sleep in my bed at home, play with my dog, you know, good stuff.

and then i got to go camping with this great group of people (plus paul, who is taking the picture):
we went camping at silverwood lake from thursday till sunday. and honestly i was a little worried. i just felt like four days was a little much. 
but it was not. i had so much fun. we just hang out by the lake, played games, napped, hiked around, made movies, and other fun things. 
i got sun burnt, but i also got some new friends and a million inside jokes. 

but my week has been so busy. 
i have been spending so much time in the gdm lab just working on different projects and stuff. im actually here right now. just taking a break from class and squeezing in a quick blog.
im peeling and my lips hurt because they are super chapped. 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

im afraid.

i have never really been one for new years resolutions. 
but this year i decided that my goal was to become a better photographer and just to be more confident. 

i really don't know what im doing. but im trying to learn. im reading lots of photog blogs and stuff, but its hard for me to just go out and shoot. i guess i just feel pressure to be good, but i need to accept that there is just this learning stage i need to get through. im kinda intimidated by the friends i have who are photographers, because they are al really talented. when i really should just ask for help. 

today i asked my little bro, jacob if i could go into our backyard and take pictures of him.
i liked a few of them, but i think this one is my fave. 
you should also check out his myspace music site. 

Monday, March 9, 2009

oh the world we live in.

earlier today liiiz gave me a hard time about not blogging as much as i used to, so all day long i have been thinking about what i should blog about. 

and then i remembered this:
oh facebook and the world we live in. 
when i had a fb notification that diane smith had commented greg's status i knew i was busted.
and that is a picture from this weekend's trip to disneyland. there we are spelling out YMCA on the tower of terror. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

dirrrty shoes.

i get my shoes dirty. 

i walk through the grass daily. 
sometimes (when it has been raining/the sprinklers have been on) the grass is muddy.

but i just don't see the point in walking around on the sidewalks at cbu. because whoever laid out where sidewalks would go did not keep in mind the basic principle of "the shortest distance between two points is a straight line..." 
there are even some sidewalks that lead to no where. the
y are just in the most random places and then they suddenly stop.

so i just walk across the grass. 
and then my shoes get dirty. 

but i really feel like that should be accepted. dirty shoes. that should be the norm. 
i mean you are wearing these things on your feet so that your feet will stay dry, warm,  and protected. 

i know that this is just now how it is. most people like to keep their shoes clean. and that's nice and all. but where is the fun in that?

that is a picture of my foot in cambodia. its all dirty from painting a hospital. and that is a gigantic snail. and in this picture my rainbow sandal is dirty and my foot is dirty. 
and now it is 3:15 in the morning and i am rambling. 

Monday, March 2, 2009


i love disneyland.
i love being an annual pass-holder. 
you think going there every weekend would get old. but it does not. 
there is just so much to do.
it is always a new experience.
so get a pass. 
and let's go together.
 (there are payment plans for as low as 6 bucks a month!)
(and in 2009 you can get in for free on your birthday.)