Sunday, December 30, 2007

i found love on the internet.

no. i havent signed up for or anything. my family got a new dog! we looked at the dogs at the riverside humane society website.
i really liked the idea of hannah, the beagel/dachshund mix (a doxel if you are into designer dogs). she was so cute!

so last saturday we went to the shelter and checked out all the dogs. hannah was the best one there. while all the other dogs were barking and yipping she just looked at us. it was a beautiful thing.
so we adopted her.
hannah weinstein. it has a nice ring to it. abby commented that its verry jewish sounding and works well with my own name. im really not a fan of people names for dogs. but tonight my friend amy said that it makes the dogs more a member of the family. i guess she is right.

hannah was like the best christmas present ever. (although five seasons of degrassi on dvd will be way sweet to watch.) (and a grow santa, itunes giftcard, money, and nail polish are sweet too.)

this christmas was different but nice.
but honestly im glad its over. im not being sac religious. i dont need a over comercialized holiday to remember the reason for the season, jesus. seriously though, christmas was low key this year. but nice. i was nice to just spend the day at home with family. i missed seeing people but its all good.

(there really is alot more i have wated to blog about. but i have been waiting to take some cute pics of hannah. i finnaly decided to just go ahead and post a blog. but expect another one shortly)
(abby, janai, jillian, krisitn (i put you guys in alhabetical order) but seriously, i leave you alone for two weeks and you abandon your blogs.)

Friday, December 21, 2007


i am really terrible at geography.
i was just looking at my google analytics map and i couldnt figure out which states were which untill i scrolled over them.

ohio. who knew it was so far east? i surely had no idea. i would picture ohio by wyoming and nebraska.

its not like i cheated my way through geography or anything. i just never had to learn that stuff. partly due to taking summer school history all throughout high school.
but ill blame it on all the standardized tests i had to take.

i can name all fitty states in alphabetical order, so i have that going for me. alabama, alaska, arizona, arkansa, caliornia, colorado, connecticut....
and im alright when it comes to world geography.
just dont ask me where minnesota is.

sleeping schedule.

i am really terrible at sleeping.
it is almost impossible for me to keep a routine when it comes to my sleeping.

lets recap.
wednesday i woke up at about 3:30pm
thursday morning i went to bed at 5am
thursdy afternoon i woke up around 1 pm
thursday night i fell asleep on the couch at 11:30pm
i woke up about 3am and move into the bedroom to try to fall asleep. now i find myself on the internet an hour later.

so to fall asleep i need 2 things: noise and a horizontal position.
the horizontal position can be almost anywhere: couch, bed, car seat that is reclined, the floor...
the noise is usually the tv or my ipod.

on my ipod i listen to podcasts. i listen to about 1 and 1/2 church sermons a night. the next night i re-listen to the one a fell asleep to the previous night.
podcasts i am subscribed to:

  1. cal baptist chapel- we normally have good chapel speakers and i listen to all the services i miss. (listen to dr david platt series, and francis chan)
  2. cornerstone simi- i love francis chan. this is his church. the grace series is good. but basically all the series are good.
  3. the grove- sometimes i wake up early and go to the 9 service but for the times that i just go to the junior high service at 10:45 i will podcast the sermons. so i can stay connected to the church community. i also have all of travis's stuff saved. because i love that guy.
  4. living truth:examining the mormon church- i subscribed to this podcast in preparation for my trip to utah last year.
  5. mars hill bible church- rob bell. nuff said.
  6. the porch church- a while back i downloaded all the old sermons from the porch (rip). i have been working my way through those teachings.
  7. the rock church- a church in utah. tagline "for people interested in god, but not religion.
  8. rock harbor- after reading "jesus of seburbia" i subscribed to mike erre's church.
  9. sandals- they always have really interesting and relevant series. i go to the 7pm service about 40% percent of my sundays. and then i podcst the ones i miss.
  10. the stirring- once dan announced his departure i subscribed to the stirring. i wanted to make sure he wasnt joining a cult. this church comunity checks out, they are pretty solid
so there you have it. that is how i fall asleep each night. right now i have 108 new podcasts.
but im always looking for new stuff to listen to.

so does anyone have anything i should add to my list?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

school update.

so i know i said no more school realated posts after finals.
but i got my grades. a, b, c, c.
which is better that i did last semester.
but still not great.
i tend to do better in the classes im excited about and i am super excited about the classes i will be taking:

  1. young adult lit- im thinking i will have to read sisterhood of the traveling pants, and gossip girl books. right?
  2. current trends in youth ministry- christian studies class about summer camp and youth group.
  3. film as art/film as culture- movie dates with my class twice a week.
  4. graphic design- i dont remember the title of this course. but its with pardee again. so that will be fun.
  5. photojournalism- i was going to take art and the bible. but that class was canceled. so last night i had the hardest time finding a class to replace it. but i am excited about this one.
  6. aesthetics in the classroom- im hoping this education class will be about teaching art. but i could also be about making pretty bulletin boards.

in other news. i was planning on taking an online class at rcc. but there are zero classes left. i mean there are classes but none of them would benefit me. at all.

time to get ready for junior high.

locks of love.

i have long hair. and i love it.

donating my hair to locks of love (provides wigs to children with hair loss who cant afford them) has always been something that i at the back of my mind. i figured by posting a blog about it i actually have to do it now.

10 inches is the minimum length for donating. but that produces a shorter wig. most little girls who get the wigs ask for long hair.

so im trying to decided if i should cut my hair now, or let it grow longer before i cut it off.

the shortest i have ever had my hair was freshman year of high school. it was above the shoulder in a cute layered look. but when i first got my hair cut i cried.
i cried, over hair.
how vain of me. i mean some people dont even have hair. like my dad. seriously.

crying over hair is entirely acceptable in girl world. like i bet the average female has cried over her hair.
looking back i think thats a waste of tears. there are much bigger things to cry over, for sure.

so in conclusion, expect a hair update some day. because i plan on cutting off my hair and donating it.

and for all my fans out there: dont worry. it will grow back.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

no more school posts.

im home for the holidays.
and so far break has been action packed.

thursday night (or friday morning)- midnight showing of I AM LEGEND with jackie (who needs a blog) and drew. awesome movie. lots of bob marley.

in the movie will has a dog named samantha. its the sweetest thing ever. it makes me really miss blazer, my dead dog.he was so sweet. and gentle. and crazy.
i want a new puppy so badly. but this is a major tangent... back to my break update.

friday i had to leave my cottage and come home.
i went to the graduation ceremony at harvest.
i had the worst seats possible. second floor. far right. back row.
but i did have seats. so thats a plus. because lots of people were standing in the back.

this was my view.
i dont understand the two ball point pens in this girls hair. are they there for form or function?

kimie graduated! and then i went to her house for fun and family time.
then saturday went to north hollywood with dad to visit the grandparents. it was nice.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

weird day so far.

so i woke up this morning to holly printing something on my computer. it was just weird. i was so confused. like i totally dont care that she used my printer it was just weird to wake up to that.

and then i fell back asleep and cindy came into my room. i have no idea what she was doing. i feel like she just opened the door and looked at me.

then i fell back asleep.

and i woke up and my clock alarm said 1:10. i started crying. and freaking out. my anthropology final was from 11-1. i walked over to holly and monica's room and told them i had slept through my final. they were sympathetic and asked what time it was. i said it was from 11-1.

then holly said, "rachel, its only 10:15"
i was so confused. my clock clearly said 1:13 at this point.

so i put on clothes. did a little last minute review. and went to take my test.

i think i did pretty good. but now starts the waiting process.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

graphic design final.

i woke up and went to class.
pardee had written on the board:
"good graphic design is _____ "

and we were instructed to email him our answers.
this is what i submitted:

good graphic design is a teacher who says on the first day of class "there will be no final"

or good graphic design is a student who raps her final:

on this stage i will not preform
this, but my projects always had good type form
good use of space contributes to the layout
continuity is important or else people will stay out
of the restaurant i did design
but its all good, i did just fine

i always thought adobe was mexican clay
but now with illustrator i can play
i alwasy thought adobe was mexican clay
but now with photoshop i can play

you talked about good use of the grid
but now its time to put a lid
on this class
i hope i pass
i think i win. and i think i deserve an a.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


i can not believe that finals are here.
its crazy how fast time goes. crazy.

so its really weird staying in riverside over the breaks while all my cbu friends scatter across the country.

in the next few weeks there are going to be a ton of movies comming out that i really want to see

  1. sweeney todd
  2. atonement
  3. juno
  4. alvin and the chipmunks
  5. the kite runner
  6. walk hard
and then there are the movies that are already out that i want to see
  1. golden compass
  2. august rush (again)
  3. enchanted
  4. fred clause
  5. bee movie
the crazy thing is if i saw all thoes movies and paid the student price of $9.50 i would be spending $104.50!!!!!!

and even buying tickets from cbu at $6 a show im still spending $66!!!!!!
thats alot of money. dang.
but realistically i am not going to actually see all these movies.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

weekend update.

4:00, friday was the start of an excellent weekend.
team ootah got together for night filled with talking, christmas light looking, std-ing, and catch phrase-ing.

i went back to the mission inn. for the third time this season.

i think this is an awkward picture. but it makes me laugh.
seriously. we hung out for eight hours and were laughing most of the time.
the only negative thing about that night was that the women were dominated at catch phrase.

then saturday night i had a hannakuh party at my house. the nice thing about not living at home is i get to invite people over, but i dont have to help out with the preparation, or the cleaning afterward.
(just kidding mom, i totally would have helped if i knew you needed me.)

but it was pretty cool. my mom made a good dinner. and we played games.
good times.
again, alot of laughing. mostly due to my favorite game in the world, quelf. janai and i did alright as queen spatula. but we didnt win.

"one syllable words that start with 'W'"
mrs pickle feather- "water"

a quick shout out to cindy and julia who won as the Super Ninja Monkey. they had to constantly sit on their hands while always holding something in their left hand while acting as the bartenders for everyone else. that takes skill.

Friday, December 7, 2007

lunch time.

this mobile blogging thing is cool. and convenient.

today at lunch i crafted this creature.
its an owl.

so at this point i am a real artist.

speaking of owls go listen to owl city. super up beat. and positive. and christian.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

christmas shopping.

i am all done with my shopping. made it pretty easy.
one click shopping.
free shipping.
if you are a member of my immediate family you can expect a gift from me.

sadly, if you are anyone but my immediate family you are not getting jack. you are not getting jill either.

which moves me to my next point.
please don't get me anything. i have enough stuff already. i don't need anything more. if in your head your thinking, "but rachel you are so cool. and awesome. and pretty. i just must get you something."
...just resist the urge. don't.

if you already got me something take it back and donate the money to some charity. or give the gift to someone who needs it more.

seriously, please don't get me anything. lets just prevent any awkward moments now.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

european awesomeness.

so lately it has really started to bother me that europe has such cool stuff that is just not available in united states of america.

like different clothing companies will not ship here. or its a million dollars in taxes and shipping and handling fees.

another thing. why is there a separate euro itunes store? why cant we all just share everything.

ill leave you with this. a site i found called Fashion Sweats.
fashion? i think not.

one last thing. the word sweat. i always have to stop and think about it. do i really mean to say sweet?
english is silly.
thank you england.

Monday, December 3, 2007

im a failed musician.

i have no musical talent. i can not sing. i can not dance. i can not play instruments.
but i have tried.

in elementary school i played the violin, the cello, and the flute.
i was also involved in musical theater. aunt in guys and dolls (part of the uncle was changed for me). and the narrator in into the woods. just a villager in fiddler on the roof.

sometimes i miss it all alot. i think that if i had just stuck with the cello i would have been amazing.

so this weekend i saw august rush.
it was so good. if your into the sappy sort of love story that has a happy ending and lots of coincidences.
it was bad if your name is janai and you have no heart. (i was crying throughout the movie while janai sat there and rolled her eyes)

and now im into this weird cello rock sort of music.
apocalyptica, murder by death, and rasputina

Sunday, December 2, 2007

luck of the irish.

this week i had two major projects due.

in my lit class i had to present my final paper. you might remember i was up late procrastinating.
well the presentation was all good. most people seemed to be genuinely interested. because after about a million speeches about downs syndrome, autism, no child left behind, the importance of pe, welding, and classical music who wouldnt want to hear about graffiti.
honestly tho, some of the topics were interesting.

but i HATE when people read off the power point. ughh! seriously. there is no need to read straight off the screen to a class of university students.

so my most embarrassing moment is...
we have to evaluate each person who gives a speach and there is this boy in my class and he is from ireland and he is on the soccer team (run on sentence much?). his topic was the importance of welding. but every time he said welding it was actually weldin' and it was so adorable. so my evaluation of him totally said "his irish accent is so cute"

and i turned that in to my teacher. what was i thinking?

Friday, November 30, 2007

rick warren wants you to check out cbu.

watch the video on the side of the page. or don't. i wont ever know.
rick's top reasons why you should go to cbu:

  1. it's not your father's school
  2. most people find their spouses at college
  3. missions is at the heart of the campus
oh rick, i want to find my spouse. but the 5:1 girl guy ratio will make that kinda hard.
so right now im content with living life with a bunch of girls. rick was half right. if your a boy you will find your spouse at college.

example: in my anthropology class of about 35 people there are only 2 boys.
Wow. i totally just figured it out... im single because i refer to them as boys. not men.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

im high tech. i can post from my cell phone.

so i took this photo of some lovely ladies at dinner time.
with my cell phone camera.
then i sent the picture to blogger through a text message. im so high tech.

janai really needs to start a blog.
and jillian you should make your boyfriends start some too.
abby wins because she has already converted some people.

im telling you, by the end of the year lots of people will be bloggin'

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a blog is a great excuse to procrastinate.

so i have a big presentation due tomorrow (technically today).
in my english class i am writing a research paper about the value of graffiti as art. the paper is not due for three more weeks but for some reason i have to present my findings to class tomorrow.

i am almost done but i cant stay focused.

i feel more pressure to deliver an interesting presentation because graffiti is cool and edgy. and i am cool and edgy. so of course my presentation should be cool and edgy.

i wish i had just written about nuclear physics so people would just tune me out and not actually listen to what i have to say.

i sat down at my mac to start it yesterday but didnt get very far. i found some more research so now i have about 20 articles (but i really need to actually read them now).

and i am a professional procrastinator so all day i have found things to distract me.
mostly things normally wouldn't do: reading for other classes. cleaning my room. making the bed. doing dishes.
and then i had a legitimate excuse:
chelsea and hannah! (pictured below at my last beach trip with the high school (we were playing some crazy picture game))
today there are about a million high school seniors at cbu for the preview day.

so right now as i "work on my presentation" they are sleeping on the floor behind me.
SCRATCH THAT. chelsea is sleep talking and hannah is telling her to stop sleep talking and go to bed. haha. that was funny.

ok. well i have checked my email, facebook, myspace, google analytics, my blog roll, and written a blog. its time to get back to work.
i realize that was not parallel structure, sue me.

actually i am going to get one more glass of water. then work some more.
well i might as well use the bathroom one more time.

Monday, November 26, 2007

a saturday fulla riverside pride.

if i was a gangster i would for sure be in one of the gangs that is all about riverside pride.
i would get 951 tattooed on my back.
i would have a fatty rain cross sticker on my car.

saturday morning i DARED TO CARE.
pretty sweet way to start out the day. i would estimate about 300 people from the grove and the path of life shelter were there. we divided ourselves into groups and set off to clean up downtown riverside.

my team was pretty hardcore. we were out in a a dust storm cleaning up train tracks. my legs were sore today when i woke up. im not used to using the "bending over and picking up trash muscles" they are very similar to the "rice planing muscles" i used in cambodia.
(im at the end of the row planting with the locals.)

after the clean up everyone ate lunch together.
hot dogs + chili + cheese + onions = gas.

then saturday night emily, cynthina, stephen, and i went to the mission inn to look at the lights and have a crazy intense photo shoot.
kettle corn!
pretty lights.
spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does.
more pretty lights.
giant orange!
how much longer will this behavior be accepted? i really love taking pictures with my friends. but i cant picture a mature 20 year old doing this kind of thing.

Friday, November 23, 2007

a serious subject.

(attention readers: i understand this blog may cause you to think less of me. but i am ready to accept that. i just need to be honest with you. judge me. that is the human response. but know this: i am not apologizing for anything.)

it started April 1, 2002.
five years ago.
i was in eighth grade and there was no knowing what was in store for my life.

i am not talking about a life changing spiritual journey. a love. a death. a new life goal.
i am talking about a television channel.

the n (short for the nighttime network for teens) was launched. i first hear about this hip new station through many commercials on nickelodeon.

my first encounter was the series premier of degrassi: the next generation. it was a dumb canadian teen drama full of corn. i loved it. the actors were my same grade and unlike other shows (ex:the oc) the actors were cast in age appropriate roles.

it sounds so lame but i really have grown up alongside some of my favorite characters. i have followed their ridiculous story lines for five years. i have watched people die, create new life, move away, struggle with drugs, school shootings, and many other real life issues.
like seriously every major event that can happen to s person has happened to one of the characters.

possibly one of the saddest parts of moving away to cbu is that they do not get channel 169. it was hard to adjust to. last year i would attempt to stream the video online from but the connection was slow so sometimes it would take up to two hours to watch one 20 minute episode. i have given up on that so now coming home means i can catch up on the show online.

im not big into owning dvds of tv shows, especially if they are constantly being re-run, and are available online. but seriously i would love to own the complete collection of this show.
i want the behind the scenes. the never before seen footage. i want interviews with the directors. i want. i want. i want.

degrassi is my guilty pleasure. but i do not feel guilty.
i want to scream out. i love degrassi. a lot. favorite show.
hands down.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


last spring i got the awesome opportunity to go to utah on a mission trip with some awesome people from my school. we worked with the utah partnership for christ organization in ogden utah. they own a blue house right across the street from weber university. weber is a public state school but their campus hosts a institute of religion that is sponsered by the lds church. so a few of the days we walked across the street and tried to talk to people about their beliefs. we also rented a class room and showed the movie the lost book of abraham: investigating a remarkable momrmon claim. and then had a short time of questions and answers.
on sunday we went to a mormon ward service and it was so dead. first the men and women meet separately for a study and discussion. then everyone meets together, they sing some hymns(lyrics to "praise to the man" look at them!), a few people from the congregation talk, and they take communion (they use water and leavened bread). its sad.

we were invited to come back fro their family home evining that week. so we got to go on a beautiful hike up a mountain. at the top there was a waterfall and snow. it was awesome to see God's creation. but also saddening because we shared it with a group of people who are blinded by deception. its so hard to talk to mormons because they consider themselves Christians. but the very term Christian means Christ follower and they are following a false prophet who contradicts Jesus's teachings.
after the hike everyone went back to the school for root beer floats. this is a picture of some of the friends we made. i feel corny saying this, but why not stop and take a moment to pray for them right now?
a big part of what we did in utah was packaging dvds. someone had paid alot of money to get this jesus christ/joseph smith dvd (watch it online) produced and printed up. and we had to put stickers on them and put them in a door hanger bag. this is a picture of a guy form the Simpson team working on stickers. we worked with a teams from the masters college, oaklahoma baptist university, and simpson.

we went to temple square (a major tourist attraction) a few times. the downtown salt lake area is completely owned by the lds church. there is a temple, history museum, research center, meeting hall, conference center, theater, and much more. this is a picture of the childrens museum. look at the pentagram on the wall. crazyness. the architecture is so beautiful but also freaky. this building is just creepy looking. it reminds me of the castle in beauty and the beast when it is still under the spell.
utah was a crazy trip. i dont know how else to explain it. basically we left our somewhat christian nation and entered a mormon domain. and guess what... cbu sent another team back to utah for thanksgiving. Andrew is going back and co leading the team. he is a cool guy who likes strawberry milk.

he is also a real photographer. a real one. so pray for the utah team this week.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

i do do my homework. haha. dodo.

so in my graphic design class right now we are working on cd cover projects.
im designing a fake cover for my brother.

its supposed to be in illustrator by tomorrow but my program kept shutting down on me. over and over again. :[

so i just decided to move in a different direction and make a robot out of construction paper. so i will have something to show the class i just realized i keep starting sentences with so.
the robot will be playing the keys. in my mind this cover is real cool. hopefully i can transfer the image in my mind to the computer.

stay tuned to see what happens next.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i love wikipedia.

wikipedia. i love it.
my professors have made it clear to me that they do not reciprocate the feelings of love.

in pretty much every class we go over the negitive atributes of the site.
they should just offer a course in wiki-hating.

but i wouldn't need to take it. i know that anyone can edit the site's content. i know that there has been a problem with insider editing. i know that often times the information is not cited.

but i also know that I DONT CARE.
i love how easy it is to search for information. i love how everything is linked. dont worry, im not using the cite to write a 10 page research paper.

but if i have to sit through another lecture on the dangers of wikipedia i might go to wiki how and figure out how to skip class.

Monday, November 12, 2007


sience i decided to limit my myspacing and facebooking i have converted three friends to the world of blogs.

abby was the first to jump in. she is super cool. and she is from minnesota, which makes her even cooler. last year she lived diagonaly across the hall from me. i met her becasuse one of the first days of orientation last year she wrote a note on sydney's white board saying hi. then i looked her up on myspace. and she encoraged me to get a facebook. so now i guess it has gone full circle.

next katelyn, abby's bff from mn started a blog. i finnaly got to meet her this summer and we all went to back to the grind and played phase ten. she has not been updating that frequently. katelyn, you need to step it up.

several days ago jillian finally started her blog. she is my room mate. and my friend. she is also super cool. or should i say hecka cool? she is from nor cal, after all. uh im pretty sure we met because we both did not have a 11:15 class seccond semister and then we had our 12:20 class together with dr m. so we would eat lunch and then go to class. she would eat pasta every day.

and yesterday kristin started one as well. she is from norway. no thats a lie. she is from ontario canada. that is also a lie. she actually is from ontario california. i dont really remember how we met. sorry. but she lives in my cottage. and she plays the piano. and her taste in music would lead one to believe she is a pot head. she is a pot head. no, thats a lie too.

so like the movie pay it forward if we all just get one more person to blog and they can get one more person to blog eventually the world will be a better place.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

doll house.

so i came across this band. Vonnegut Dollhouse while reading some random art blogs.

the music is so-so. but the album art is awesome. like i really want it, even though i would probably never listen to the cd.
i guess thats the impulse-online-shopper in me.
dont worry i resisted the urge.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

naked toes.

today i took my toenail polish off. and i didnt put anything new on.
i left my toes NAKED.

and today during cultural anthropology (where the answer to every question is either culture, social norms, or society) i spent a good 10 minutes starring at my toes. because they just look so weird naked.

for the past 5+ years i always have something on my toes. and when i take old polish off i immediately put new stuff on.

sorry about this random post.
im really not vain. i know the song is not about me.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

happy music.

when someone asks me what kind of music i like i usually respond with

"happy music"
i really like listining to music that puts me in a happy mood.
top pick:The Rocket Summer. Bryce Avery is AMAZING.
other choices: the format, hellogoodbye, jacks mannequin
but i also like some hard core/screamo/grind core
top pick in that catagory:
alexisonfire (alexis on fire. first i thought it was alex is on fire.)

i am never in the mood for country.
never, never, never, never. (i will listen to rockabilly, sometimes.)

i like some electronica/techno stuff.
indie, ska, pop-rock, folk, and punk-pop are also fun genres.

christian music. this is a tricky subject. i wont listen to something simply because it is "christian." im kinda against the idea of parents sheltering their kids from music and saying, "you can only listen to christian music." there are lots of secular bands out there who are real good. high quality stuff.that being said i think that relient k is wayy over rated.
some christian bands i like:
emery, mae, newsboys, five iron frenzy

right now my itunes library is at 4451 songs.
most embarassing song: probably something by lindsay lohan. or paris hilton. or brittney spears. or ashlee simpson.

oh man. i need to clean out my library.

Friday, November 2, 2007

graphic design

im currently an art major at cbu.
i say currently because im thinking about changing it to graphic design.

when i grow up i want to be an art teacher.
but i could also be a graphic design teacher. but i dont know if graphic design teachers even exist

i really like the idea of teaching art because that is a subject kids usually take because they want to be there. and i wouldnt have to assign tests or homework. so i wouldnt have that much stuff to grade.right now im in a graphic design class and i really like it. alot. like the class is 3 hours long every thursday and normally i would not be able to handle something for three straight hours. but i totally enjoy this.

thursday our menu projects were due. we had to create a resturant and come up with the concept and a logo and a menu.

im real proud of myself.
i think they look pretty sharp.

anyone want to hire me to design menus?

i need a job.


i carved a pirate jack o lantern. i totally used a stencil. i was considering lying and saying i came up with the design all on my own, but the stencil is totally in the picture so i couldn't really get away with that.

on halloween i helped out with trunk n' treat. kids are cute. but parents are kind of silly
its dumb when parents take their newborn trick or treating. how can a baby who dosent have teeth eat candy? they cant. the moms are going to eat it all.

oh and the highlight of my night was getting yelled at. we were told to only give candy to kids under 12. so when somone who looked older came to our trunk we would ask them how old they were. several kids admitted to being 13+ (one even admitted to bing 17 1/2) so we would tell them to go play the games and stuff. then some crazy mom on a power trip came to our trunk and said "you told my daughter she couldn't have candy, you were wrong. i talked to the head pastor and he siad there was no age limit. bla bla bla."
sorry. i was just doing what i was told to do.

i kinda don't really like the idea of trunk or treat. not because i think its a satanic holiday or anything. i don't understand why every church in riverside needs to have a carnival. i wonder how much money churches spent this year on halloween.
i was a jock. i got 2 comments on my costume.

  1. "what year did you graduate?" "06" "i graduated in from poly in 85"
  2. "dang, was there anything you didn't win" (yah, i was a stud back in the day)
and my dad was a parking cone. he takes his parking ministry at the grove pretty seriously.

midnight maddness

its homecoming week!

whatever that means.

midnight maddness was advertized as the kick off of our basketball season. the first 400 students would get free coldstone and everyone had to wear their crazies shirt.

everyone got a nice blue towel or a "lancer linen."
and i actually had lots of fun.
some freshman on the team had beautiful corbin bleu hair that was shaved completly off.

the night ended with a slam dunk competition.

im pretty excited about basketball season.

shane ^2

thursday (of last week) shane and shane came to the grove and put on a rockin' show.
i saw them last year at cbu and it was fun.

my job was to check wristbands at the door. and k and i were doing a pretty good job untill we found out pastor daniel bishop was sneaking his friends in by putting the wristbands on real loose and then giving them to his friends. yes this is the guy who leads our junior highers.

mom and brother.

so after the show jillian (roommate) and janai (friend) were freaking out because they are crazy fans. and they got a crazy idea- driving to arazona the next day to see shane and shane again. originally i was against the idea because there was no way i could miss classes on friday. i had a midterm and a paper due. then friday morning i wake up to darkness. the school was without power. classes were cancelled and i was free to road trip with my friends.

so we drove to az. checked into our motel. ate at sonic burger. went to the concert. went to bed. woke up. went to sonic burger for breakfast. and drove back to california.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

just keep swimming...

tuesday night all the girls in my cottage went out for baskin robins for $1 scoops.

on the way home bethany got the bright idea to jump in the fountain at school and take pictures. so we got someone to be our photographer and ran over to the fountain.

we took our pictures and headed back to our cottage. but we didnt get any pictures with joel (our photographer) so we so a guy heading toward us so we waited for him to get close and we said, "hey would you please take a picture of us"

he said, "sure, after i write down your names and id numbers."
"wait, what?" we were so busted. apparently getting in the fountain is illegal.
so we were freaking out. i made our rd a card.

the next day i gave her the card and she said, "you know there is like a $100 fine for getting in the fountain."

but she was totally joking. we arnt in trouble at all.
oh college.