Saturday, July 18, 2009

summer camp.

Last week i went to jr high summer camp at thousand pines.

i had a blast. i learned so much. and my team won the recreation competition. (go stealth strikers!)
i had 11 crazy girls in my yurt. (a yurt is dome shaped tent thing. think parent trap.)

please enjoy this video of my girls beating each other up.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


last week i spent my 21st birthday in chicago.
i had an amazing time.
i really love big cities. i love taking public transportation. i love being surrounded by thousands of people i do not know. i love talking to strangers. 
i got to stay with my friend emily, she goes to school at loyola university. i really liked all her friends. we hung out with her rugby team a few nights. they are crazy. i feel like they would have all played water polo if they lived in so cal. 

i have been out of state for my past three birthdays. 
19- cambodia
20- louisiana
21- chicago
where will i be on my 22nd?

Friday, July 10, 2009


ok. i just got back from the longest day at disneyland ever. 

it was a really fun day untill the 14th hour when i got cranky. 
please enjoy a video of my lil cousin sammy breaking it down to one of the street bands.
i'm not quite sure what to call his unique form of irish jig/hip hop. but it makes me laugh. 
so tonight we watched fantasmic. its a water/fireworks/video/multimedia experience all about the power of imagination. 
and probably every-time i watch it i get goose bumps. 
and i really have so much i want to say right now but im going to journal it instead. (thanks jillian for the journal, btw).

so i originally thought this was going to be a long blog but im going to cut it short and write my thoughts privately now.