Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i'm from barcelona.

heather and i left for our show pretty early. we walked around and had dinner and took some pictures. this was funny it was like a wig place. i liked the before and after pictures. (this is my hardcore face.)we got to the el ray theater at 6pm, doors didn't open until 8.
but it was a nice day so the doors to the venue were open. heather and i walked in. we said hi to everyone on the way in and smiled and no one said anything. i'm from barcelona was in the middle of their sound check. so basically we got our own private show.
then the opening act, dusty rhodes and the river band, went on for their sound check. heather got the awesome idea of going back stage. so we got up the courage to walk down a hall way that lead to the back stage area. but then we found out that to get back stage you had to go on stage and then up these stairs. we stood there for a few minutes freaking out and trying to decided if we had the balls to do it.

we finally decided to go for it. we walked on the stage while dusty rhodes was playing and went up the stairs to the band's dressing room.

there were about 5 of the 20 band members there and they were blowing up bunches of balloons. and we asked if we could help. we told them we were fans who had snuck backstage and in their cute sweedish accents they said, "ooohhh so you are outlaws?" and then we took pictures with them.
so at this point it was time for people to start coming in so heather and i were going to go outside to get our tickets. but there was a lady guarding the door and she assumed that we were with the band because we basically were at this point. but she said we couldn't leave without a orange wristband. she told us to get a wrist band from the stage manager. we really wanted to do the right thing but she was so set on us getting our wristbands that we didn't want to argue. so we tried to go back stage again. but they wouldn't let us go back without a wristband. we were stuck in this weird limbo of trying to get outside and pick up our tickets and going backstage to find the stage manager to get our wristbands which didn't exist. we finally decided to just tell the lady we would buy tickets. (which we had already done). and we got in line and got our real tickets.

dusty rhodes and the river were up first. i liked their music. its this sort of bluegrass rock stuff. with a mandolin, violin, keyboard, organ, drums, guitar, and bass. it was fun. you might recognize the guitarist from la ink. he got a memorial tattoo to cheese on the show. during the downtime they threw a bunch of balloons into the crowd so we used heathers sharpie to drw faces and write inspiration messages on them. then the entire crowd was playing a game of keep up with all million balloons.
then it was time for I'M FROM BARCELONA. :] :] :] :] :]
they were sooooooo much fun. like seriously i think the most fun i have ever had at a show. and i have had some fun times. there are so many people in the group and they all brought so much energy. confetti all over the place. crowd surfing. i sang the chorus of "tree house" into the microphone. :]
then dj lance, formaerlly of the aquabats, now from yo gabba gabba came on stage and danced around a bit. the show ended with all the band members jumping off stage and starting a congo line. then the dance paty started, complete with break dancing and limbo.


Monday, April 28, 2008

i found my calling.

claymation videos anyone?

this evening i had the longing to make another movie.
so i texted my friend drew and asked if he was down.

after a few hours this is what i have to present to you:

a nice summer themed thriller. drew wanted to make somehting epic, im not sure if this delivers.
there seems to be a reoccurring theme of violence in my claymations.
again the quality is horrible. i need to explore my other options for viral video sites.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

now that i have completed my film class.

i can make movies!

presenting "when the banana crashed the dance."
character development- heather calfee
art direction- jackie gray
set design- rachel weinstein

i downloaded a trial version of istopmotion. it was really easy to use. until i tried to put some titles up in there. um and the song is sweet tangerine by the hush sound.
i think im going to redo the movie, becuase the quality is so bad. but i was so excited i decided to share it with the people of the internet today.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


i am stinking blessed to know some awesome people who are doing some awesome things for the glory of God this summer:
cindy-south asia
jillian- north africa
janai and micha- argintina
bryce and becca- south east asia
drew- central asia, utha, and some other random place for 2 years!?!?!
emily and hailey- gabon
kimie and kent (who need a blog)- czech republic
(im so sorry if i forgot anyone)

and then there are these three guys who are going to kayak the missippi river.
you should probably check out their blog.

and then there are these three other guys who are going to live on skid row for a week.
you should probably also check out their journey.

today in my youth ministry class i told the class that blogging was biblical.
(thanks holly for the wisdom) this is how i figure: journaling is biblical (psalms is essentially a journal) and a blog is simply a web journal.
(i tagged this post as ballin, beacuse thats whats up)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

i thought about The Game.

so i lost.
and im sorry if i just caused you to lose.

and then i found this new game, called lost. its just a game that you invite people to. and you get points for inviting people.

want to play the game with me? you have to be invited. and this is your invitation. click here.
or click here.

alright, im out.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

secret trips # 3 and #4

so wednesday night heather took us to go see these guys!
and i was so excited.the cast of mythbusters!!! they were at ucr.
so jamie and adam were absent (and holly i did totally lie to you we decided we were going to lie to people and tell them we met everyone cause that was cooler. sorry.)
we got to see bloopers and then there was a question and answer period. favortie moment of the night would be the 7 year old boy who asked carrie if she was single.

then this morning jackie and i went to the casting for deal or no deal!!! (heather and julia couldn't come.)
it was at the commerce outlet mall.
we waited in line for six hours!
and then they divided us up into groups of ten and we each had 30 seconds to tell them about our lives. i said "hi my name is rachel weinstein and i am a graphic design major at california baptist university. a random fact about my life is that last sumer when i was in cambodia i ate a fried turantula. and im leaving in a month to go to new orleans to work at a day camp."and the guy gave me a golden ticket!!! so i got to go on and have a second interview.
they asked me some more questions. the one that sticks out in my mind is 'what do you do for a living?" and i said im just a student and they asked what i did before. and i said, "well i was a elderly care giver for an 88 year old. so i lived at this jewish retirement center and played canasta."
(welcome to my random life, by the way.)

so basically i am in the system now and they could call me an tell me to come on the show at any time. or not. recently they had a guy on the show who applied in 2006! so its no quick process.

they also announced that deal or no deal is going into sydication and will be airing every night of the week in a new format. there will be 22 individuals each holding a case and howie will spin a wheel and it will land on a case and then that person gets to play the game. so they are casting more people than past seasons but even if you get on the show you aren't necessarily going to get to play.

mish. stay tuned there is a slim chance you will see this rockstar on tv.so maybe i need to learn how to keep my eyes open.
ohhhh tangent: in juno when juno and leah are sitting in the park looking at the penny saver juno says, "i was thinking something a lil more edgier like, graphic designer mid 30’s with an Asian girlfriend who like dresses awesome and rocks out on the bass guitar but i dont wanna be to particular"
thats like what i want my life to be!!!!! well except im the graphic designer and he is the cool asian who rocks out on the bass.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sad face.

D. Wayland Marler, associate professor of History at California Baptist University, unexpectedly passed away on Saturday, April 12. Professor Marler had taught at CBU since 1966.
Professor Marler suffered a stroke in January and had been in rehabilitative therapy the past several months. He had undergone carotid artery surgery on April 9.

so sad. i seriously loved this guy. he was that awesome old grumpy funny man who has a story for everything!
my best memory of him was the field trip we took in his class last semester. Marler will be misses for sure.

i was reminded why i only drink water, part 2!

tuesday morning i woke up at 730 when holly started making her morning coffee.
i had fallen asleep on the little love seat in our kitchen. seriously, who does that?
so i was super confused as i did not remember falling asleep. i walked back to my room and slept for a few more hours in my bed.
i woke up about 10:30 and took a shower.

my little brother came over to cbu today and he went to my classes with me.

young adult literature was so funny. there was a group presentation about some civil war novel and ths on girl in the group dressed up in full on confederate uniform.

so she is a civil war reenactor!!!! i have never know someone with a hobby like that. on the weekends she travels with her unit to a random location and then the spend the next two days reenacting the battles. she plays a young male soldier so last year when she got into this she had chop off her waist length hair. seriously. i had no idea people really did this. so crazy slash funny.

and then in my film class we watched this crazy acid trip movie, Koyaanisqatsi, that i loved.
at first i was totally not into it at all. but then i fell in love. im listing to some philip glass compositions right now.and i am finishing up projects. ew.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i was reminded why i only drink water.

i can not handle my caffeine. at all.
some people do not feel its affects. i am not one of those people.

i had two cups of coffee around 730. becuase i was trying to be all college-y. and i have massive amounts of work that needs to get done. in my head i thought, "i will drink some coffee and stay up real late working on my homework and projects."

nope. did not happen.

what did happen is this:
worked on homework for a while. took a break to watch the hills. some more homework. lots of myspace lurking. then at 1am i decided i would go to bed and wake up tomorrow to finish my group paper that is due wednesday.
but then i just laid in my bed for two hours. tossing and turning. and thinking about everything i need to get done.
oh did i mention the coffee i drank (is drank really a word? it looks so wrong) makes me pee non stop? well it does.
so im laying in bed and have to get up to use the bathroom. and then i decided i might as well do my homework now becuase im not falling asleep anytime soon.

and i really don't even like the taste of coffee.

Monday, April 14, 2008

still dont know what to call this series of posts.

ok. so i had an amazing weekend. beach trip with jr high. ootah friendship. movie friendship.

and now its time to give you guys another fun site to check out.

bent objects is a sweet blog. the artist just takes random household objects and ads a little bent wire and viola! these pictures have so much personality!

i really feel like i need a creative name for this series of fun websites. but it just isn't happening.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


ok. you need to watch this. like right now. so hillarious.

check out drew's blog.

last night i hung out with some amazing people.
we played cranium. went to swirl. laughed a bunch. and james even made a guest appearance.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

missing out on the normal college experience.

so im not going to lie, sometimes i really wish i went to a big public school.
but i know my reasons are stupid:

  1. i really like the idea of joining a sorority. becuase girls in sororities get all kinds of tee shirts and sweatshirts. they go on cool trips. they have formals.
  2. i wish we had a football team.
  3. theme parties. i want to go to a superhero party, or a cow boys and girls party, a 80s party.
but thats pretty much it. my list of reasons why i should be at a small private school is wayy longer. and way more meaningful.

and hey... we did have a toga party here for valentines day.oh cbu.

exciting news.

so i just got this text message from my mom:

great news! i drove to the audiology they let me borrow a hearing aid which gives a little amazing sound so i have directional then drove to san clemente all by myself

i responded with:
:] :] :] :] :] im so excited right now!!!!!

and she said:
thanks. i never thought it would be so exciting to be old and have a hearing aid. thank God!

so for thoes of you who are clueless about what i am talking about check out my moms blog. its been a hard year. she was on disabibity, could not drive, work, or read (hard for a librarian). sometimes she was too dizzy to walk. she lost half her hearing.

and you know what, she still worshiped God throughout it all. i think these situations are when one's character truly shows. when everything is going your way its easy to be joyyful and all that jazz. but that's just not reality. basically, im so proud of my mom.

love you mom! why don't you ever blog anymore?

psalm 56:13
For you have delivered me from death
and my feet from stumbling,
that I may walk before God
in the light of life.

(and she is super cute too!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

graduating is for chumps.

so i was just reading drew's blog. and honestly it made me tear up a bit. (its been an emotional morning, get off my back.)

but im really sad the semester is almost over. in addition to having lots of work to get done i don't want to say goo bye to the great people i have met.

im going to be the only one left from team ootah.
and that makes me so sad.

i know im being selfish and i should be excited about people moving forward in their lives. i think i might be slightly jealous. sometimes i feel like i should just quit school and start a greeting card company. or be a missionary. or work in advertising.

sometimes i just want to quit and work the reality show circuit for a while. i'll start out on one reality show. then ill do the reunion special. then ill be one of those people who are always on e! specials giving their opinions and funny comments on any given topic. then i will get a sponsorship and do commercials. then i will invent some great new item. travel the world promoting my product. adopting about 20 kids along the way. i would love to have my own fashion line. possibly a celebrity fragrance as well. become a judge on some new dancing show.

wow. sometimes i hope that no random lurkers are reading my blog because i know i sound crazy. but other times that idea excites me. kristin pretty much figured me out she said, "rachel you just want someone to read [an email i sent] that and say, 'oh i know that girl. she is so cool. i want to be her friend." well kristin you were spot on.
so random person i want to be your friend too.

should i do it?

so i am subscribed to like 100 million different blogs on my rss reader.
should i have a "blogs you should check out" post once a week or something? it could be a consistant thing with a new interesting site to check out.

like would anyone read it? or care?
it would be something like this:
Sup! check out this blog! its called faces in places. there are a bunch of pictures that people have submitted with random faces.as you can see the backpack face has a blue tongue.
so since i started reading this blog i have been looking for faces in random places to submit.

i might call these posts "fun sites for your friday" or i might not call them that.

aright so let me know if this is something i should do.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

an unusual purchase.

so i hardly ever buy movies. i see them all the time. but i don't usually have the urge to by every movie that comes out. because of these reasons:

  1. collectively my friends have a pretty complete movie library. my room mate basically owns every movie a girl would want to see.
  2. i tend to fall asleep during movies
  3. i have decided to spend my movie money on movies in the theater. i love watching a movie with 100 strangers. i laugh much more when i i am surrounded by random people's laughter.
but i just pre ordered juno at amazon. i am pretty sure i have already talked about the awesomeness of this move.

more than re watching the movie i am excited to see the special features. the directors commentary. deleated scenes. outtakes.

thats another thing. if im going to buy a movie im going to get the extended version ever time that is an option. go big or go home, right?

in other movie news in my photo shop class i had to make a vector image using the pen tool. i hate the pen tool. its so hard for me. i have done so many tutorials. but i still have to stop and think about what im doing. which way i need to pull the little bar guys. ahhh.
well the theme of the project was you favorite movie. i never know how to answer that question. and i figured i had already lost all respect in that class when i turned in this project that i would just go for it and do sisterhood of the traveling pants.

so here it is.
kinda similar to the original, right? so if you have any images that you would like vectored i need the practice.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

lights camera action.

"hey have you seen that new youtube video?"
"which one?"
"i don't know. just search for 'rachel weinstein' it should be the first one that comes up. its awesomely hillarious. i just want to meet her!"

that is a dream of mine. i want to be a youtube star. how amazing would that be. i could go on the ellen show and talk about how i am using my new found fame to share jesus with the world.

so this past week i made a baby step toward that goal. they have been filming cbu promotional videos this year and on Wednesday when i came back from class there was video and lighting eqipment all over the cottage.
here is our awesome princess bathroom with a huge light and other stuff. first monica and holly fake studied. i kinda felt left out at this point becuase i was just sitting in my room watching all the excitement unfold around me. but then the door into the entertainment industry opened up for me. the director came over to me and basically said, "hey there beautiful girl. i think you would be a great asset to our film. i have a good eye for this sort of thing. i think you are an excellent representation of the cbu student."
and i said, "why thank you kind sir. i would be happy to assist you with this film. and you don't even have to pay me for my services. becuase i am such a nice person."

so holly and i faked a game of rummy while monica made tea in the background. this is the shot of holly winning. and obviously i am a good actor because my "losing face" is so authentic you cant tell that i never loose.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


THIS IS A MAJOR TANGENT FROM MY LAST BLOG SO I DECIDED TO MAKE A WHOLE NEW POST. and i just realized that that was in caps lock.
becuase i do not type correctly. i look at the key board while i type. when i had computers in 7th grade we had to play typing games and i cheated.

so this is where it started....
well actually i can always get away with lying on the internet. its kinda a new hobby of mine. like i really find joy in posting bogus status updates and stuff. i think people take myspace/facebook wayyyy to seriously. (and i know this might sound hypocritical coming from me, but im pretty over the whole thing.) like if you really care to know whats going on in someone's life you should ask. oh but wait, you cant ask people how they are doing because thats just a casual greeting. "hi how are you" "good how are you" is the normal exchange these days. and people really dont care what your answer is. i usually respond with "fine." and people ask "aw why fine?" like its just so unexpected to hear that.
i really hate whats happening. because when i ask my friends how they are doing or how their day was i really care about the answer. and it hurts when i get one word back.

another thing that stinks about our normal conversations is how often people say "i love you" why do we only have one word for love?
i love chipotle.
i love my family.
i love game show network.
i love God.
i love to blog.
i love water.
i love music.
i love making lists.

we should have more words.

im behind on blogging.

this longing for camo shorts is unexplainable.

i can't explain it but for the last few weeks i have really wanted to add a pair of boy shorts to my wardrobe.

and i want them to be camouflage boy shorts.
i couldn't tell you why i want some. and sitting here blogging about it seems weird.
i have never really been a big camo person. like i do have a pair of camo pants. and a skirt.

but i kinda feel like there are two types of people in the world
the first kind has never owned anything camouflage. they know that the print is over used. it is not fashionable. it doesn't really work with anything. it makes you look sloppy.
most of my life i fit into this category.

the other kind of person is a camo enthusiast. they own many different camo items. they accept it for its awesome-ness that allows it to match well with basically every color. its comfortable. carefree. works well with flip flops. and by adding a great pair of heels and a jacket you can take the look from day to night!
well i know thats not entirely true. but its april fools day so i can get away with lying on the internet. ALRIGHT So i just had a major tangent and im going to save that for my next blog so this one doesn't get super long.
but now i guess i fit into this second category.

hey eric! why do hardcore kids wear camo?
...so they won't be scene.