Thursday, October 25, 2007

just keep swimming...

tuesday night all the girls in my cottage went out for baskin robins for $1 scoops.

on the way home bethany got the bright idea to jump in the fountain at school and take pictures. so we got someone to be our photographer and ran over to the fountain.

we took our pictures and headed back to our cottage. but we didnt get any pictures with joel (our photographer) so we so a guy heading toward us so we waited for him to get close and we said, "hey would you please take a picture of us"

he said, "sure, after i write down your names and id numbers."
"wait, what?" we were so busted. apparently getting in the fountain is illegal.
so we were freaking out. i made our rd a card.

the next day i gave her the card and she said, "you know there is like a $100 fine for getting in the fountain."

but she was totally joking. we arnt in trouble at all.
oh college.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


in my english class this week we are having "online sessions." which means we dont go to class. instead our professor will post work online and we print out the worksheets and bring them to class next week.

i think this is a waste. its total busy work. i thought that would end when i left high school. guess not.

and my history class is canceled once this week. meaning wednesday i dont have school. i want to do something exciting. like go to the beach. or disneyland. or mexico for tacos.
meh. probably not going to happen.

harry potter carved into a pumpkin! are you kidding me?
after halloween i want to go to the pumpkin patch (because i assume they will be on sale?) and get a bunch of pumpkins and to some serious art.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

random awesome weekend. and its not over yet.

friday night about thirty college students gathered to celebrate two births at bj's brewhouse, a chicago style pizzeria.

i made a card. because im creative. no actually because im cheap, and i have alot of free time.
the front said, "what does a clam do for his birthday?"

i only knew about 5 of the thirty people. my friends eric and corrine. it was fun. and the food was delicious. and i enjoyed the night. some awkward moments, but thats expected.

and who can resist a pizookie?

saturday night started off with church. NICK VUJICIC is freaking amazing. for reals. i dont know how to explain it. i kinda want to see him again, he will be in california the next few weekends.

so after that awesomeness abby, holly, jillian, levi, and monica came over to my house. for an awesome dinner and some awesome games. we played an awesome game of spoons. this awesome game called Sentence To Draw(S). and the night ended with some awesome pumpkin cheesecake.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

nemo, nemo, nemo!

last christmas my cool mom and dad got me a disneyland annual pass.
its wonderful.

going to disneyland is wayyyyy more enjoyable when you havent spent 80 bucks for one day.
example: today jackie and i went to disneyland with 2 goals:

  1. eat a cream cheese pretzel
  2. ride finding nemo
and... the pretzel was delicious.
nemo was mediocre. like im glad i did it, but i will never wit more than 25 minutes (we waited an hour). i kinda got dizzy actually.

the place was nice and decorated for halloween. i love pumpkins. like im kinda obsessed, so it was nice and pretty.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

transformers, more than meets the eye.

transformers came out on video yesterday.
i guess it would be more correct to say, "transformers came out on DVD yesterday."

and my roommate picked up her copy.
enoch, john, abby, and kristin came over to watch the movie. transformers is pretty cool.

my friends are all a little obsessed with shia labeouf.
example: for the premiere of disturbia (another shia flick) we all made shirts with his face on them.
i dont like shia, but i like shirts.

Monday, October 15, 2007

field trip.

who knew kids in college get to go on field trips?
in my history of california class we went to the mission san juan capistrano on saturday.

it was fun times. for the most part.

here i am with professor marler and our tour guide. she really was passionate about the history of the mission. i dont really remember anything she said except for, "i am swedish so i make swedish meatballs."

my goal for the trip was to get a picture with marler. because he is cool. and old. and we share a love of pumpkin scones from starbucks. GLORIOUS!

so i totally achieved my goal. after we took this picture together i said, "professor marer you are totally going to be on myspace now!" he grumbled. but last night this picture became my new default. :]

i thought this flower was pretty. and from this angle it kinda looks like a cross.

so it was a good day. i got to hang out with jackie. she is a fun person to have a photo shoot with.

now its time to get ready for my jr high bible study. oh jr highers! im pretty excited about playing mad gab with them.

second try.

so i totally forgot my password for my old blog.
old as in one post old.
i tried to recover my password. turns out i didnt use my real email address. so im just starting over.

and i am going to copy and paste my old post here.


yep. im jumping on the weinstein blog bandwagon.
how embarrassing- my mom got all into it before me.
then jacob reactivated his 3rd grade attempt at blodom.

basically i had a xanga when it was trendy. back in 2001. and i kept that thing fulla pictures and witty stories and what not.
then myspace took over my life.
and when you get to college the peer pressure starts to set in about how badly you need to get a facebook.

that is the cliff notes version of my internet networking history.

the only other things you need to know about me
a. i get nervous if sentences go too long. so i really break them up more than i should. i have lots of fragments.
b. if a sentence looks too long i add commas, in awkward places. this creates comma splices.
c. i actually do know grammar rules. i know my parts of speech. thanks mrs. frayne! you were a good 5th grade teacher after-all.
d. i constantly hit enter. i just like the way it looks. rather than having an actual paragraph.
e. i can not spell. but i have auto spell check on all the time. so hopefully i will catch a majority of my mistakes.

thats all for now.