Tuesday, September 30, 2008

im a liar.

so in 7th grade i convinced the boy that i sat next to that i had a twin sister.

he said, "hey when i saw you at lunch and waved why didn't you wave back?"
and i said, "oh that wasn't me, that was my twin, rebecca."

the next week i told him that me and rebecca would be switching spots the next day, becuase she was going to take my test for me. he got really into it and the next day he introduced himself to my twin and promised that he could keep a secret.

i don't know if i ever told him the truth.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

beach and twilight.

Im at the beach with jill. And there are about 40 people decided to have a party right next to our spot. So we moved our towels forward three feet. Weird.

Friday, September 26, 2008

im creative.

so heather called me.
but im doing stuff, like changing my clothes, and putting on makeup and stuff.

so i put on a head band and shoved my phone up in there.
i don't need a bluetooth headset to be hands free.

i know i have been posting alot of pictures of myself lately, sorry.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

stupid dog.

last night after jr high i went with emily to the house where kristin was house sitting and we watched a movie. at the end of the movie i couldn't find one of my sandals.the stupid dog ate the strap on my rainbow!

if you are heather, or if you are someone esle who hates feet im sorry for posting this picture. and corinne told me to put this picture up, so its her fault.
but at least my toes are still cute from the pedicure i got with jillian like two weeks ago!

Monday, September 22, 2008

i love genius.

seriously, if you haven't downloaded the new itunes yet, do it.
i love the genius playlists!

so abby and holly asked about the specific changes to the caf.
the main thing is they took the bar of cereal and milk and ice cream and moved it out by where the other soda machines are.

this is what my comment card said:

  • "I think the changes to the cereal bar are good, but the new open space should be better utilized [right now they just have a bunch of fruit trays and yogurt]
  • expand the sandwich bar to include different varieties of bread
  • bring back daily guacamole
  • when students ask for their salads/wraps/sandwiches to be customized the employees should comply with a positive attitude
  • when studednts get a to go box the meal should be prepared for that box, students should not be expected to dump a salad from a plate into their box
  • bring back individual bags of chips, including the baked variety
  • make jello without the whipped cream on top
  • good job with sourdough bread, croissants, and cheesy bread
  • more selection on chicken strip thursday nights
  • get a panini maker that is is always out for students to use
  • go back to self serve sushi for sunday brunch
  • the pumpkin cookies are delicious
  • good job on labeling the desserts
  • bring back asparagus
  • good job with rearranging the tables
those are my demands.
have ou filled out a comment car yet?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

comment card.

the cal baptist caf is delicious. we have lots of options, fresh sushi three times a week, and waffles that say cbu.
i am thankful to have access so such high quality food, when i know that a good chunk of the population does not.

but with that being said, i feel like the caf is not as good as it was last year. there have been many changes, some good and others not so good.

so i am taking a stand. i just filled out a comment cardand i encourage you to do the same. if we all complain, they will have to change.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

jr high

I am starting my third year of helping with the jr high at the grove.

and i love it!
seriously jr highers, they are stuck in this crazy time of childhood colliding with young adulthood.

one of the is having her 12th birthday part this saturday, and i am so excited!
we are kicking off the celebration with a mall scavenger hunt and then we will go back to gina's house for a makeover/fashion show!

and the invitation is a cell phone!!!!!!!

Who's jealous that they didn't make this guest list?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tough questions.

What are you “called” to be and do?
Which decisions are you making out of comfort rather than calling?
What are you doing today that is American and you rationalize it as spiritual?
What decisions are you making that are spiritually focused, beyond any circumstance?
(i read these questions over at chuck bomar's blog, he was our speaker at jr high camp this summer)

and its hard for me to be honest with myself when answering these questions, because the truth hurts.

these are things i struggle with, especially being here in the "cbu bubble"
anyone else with me on this?

i just typed a bunch of stuff, then deleted it, then typed more, then hit delete again.
so im just going to stop and leave it at that.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

this site makes me smile.

like check it out.
kawaii not... the web comic for cute gone bad.

and the layout of the comics just reminds me of toilet paper.
how much would you smile if you got jokes on your tp?
why has no one done this yet?
could this crazyness just be a result of the major hair loss i just suffered?
will i ever get over this change?

stay tuned to find out.

its already wednesday!
i love school so much right now.

Monday, September 8, 2008

voluntary amputation

I just cut off 15 inches of hair.

well not just, it was this afternoon, about 3:30.
initially i was shocked at how short it is.

i held myself together on the way home but as soon as i got back into the cottage i started sobbing. its just wayyyy shorter than i wanted/expected.

but after a mini counseling sesh (thanks justine and cottage girls)
and a round with the flat iron (thanks shaye)

i totally love it.

im sending my hair to panteen beautiful lengths.

its an organization that makes wigs for the american cancer society.
My hair will go to a chick who needs it way more than i did, and that's pretty awesome.

i have been talking about making the cut for a year now, but i had been holding on.
(if you are thinking about donating they only need 8 inches)

well im going to bed now, i might write more about this later (with more pictures), but it has been a traumatic day.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

it's been years in the making.

and it's happening tomorrow.

and i am nervous.

///slash i really like listening to my music on shuffle. i just heard:
nd old hymn, sweeny todd, techno, and then a hard core song.

and i broke a bottle of finger nail polish in my room. like it dropped on the floor and shattered. so my window is open and i can hear everyones conversations outside.
so if you just walked outside my cottage my advice to you is, "stop over analyzing everything he does and twirp him"

for you non-cbu-ers twirp is "the woman is reupred to pay" week. kinda like a whole sadie hawkins type thing.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

posibly the most random first day of school activity.

so after class today all of us at the cottages had a Slip N Sandwich party. SO they set up a huge slip in slide which was verry entertaining becuase the whole wrestling team also lives in the cottages and they had a practice on the watered down tarp.

then we made sandwiches and made new friends.
well actually i didn't make a sandwich because corinne and i were talking about how much better they are when someone else makes them for you, so justine (my ra) made us sandwiches.

but anyways, i was metting people and being all outgoing and cheerful and i totally met two MKs from cambodia who know the families we stayed with on our trek there in the summer of 07.

and then one of them (cara) is a marry kay consultant and she was getting ready to go to something but she was suposed to bring friends and everyone had bailed on her at the last minute and she needed somone to go so she invited me.
and i ended up going with her out to rialto and i got to play with all the makeup. Which was fun, but then i started to get overwhelmed by all the women and all the pink and all the giggling (you think i would be used an overpowering amount of estrogen going to cbu and all) and then there was a raffle and i won free body spray.
(im not winking at you i just figured by showing my eyes open AND closed you could imagine what i look like batting my eyes at you) and yes i really did think about it. and i know im a nerd.

so then we had our mandatory cottage meeting (i love meetings) and then the girls in my cottage got together and talked about milk, toilet paper, and orginization.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

first class, spray paint.

yay school.

like i really love learning. in the past i had always been excited about school because of the social aspect, but i finally am excited about the learning.

why the switch?
well i am only taking art and graphic design classes.

we got a new guy for graphic design and im super excited about where he is taking the program here.

some of the course materials i need for my classes are things that i totally wanted for my life anyway.
like a self healing cutting board and spray adhesive.
because i am totally in love with making stencils and spray painting.that's me with a little lamb (rachel means ewe) i ended up outlining the spray paint with sharpie just to make it stand out more.

im all moved in.

so after a full day of room cleaning, target shopping, spray painting, laundry washing, and packing i have moved into my new home at cbu.

and thanks to my dad and brother, we only had to make 2 trips.

and i unpacked all my clothes. and i really should be putting stuff away, but the screen on my ihome isn't working. and i got on my computer to try and set it up but i can't figure out how to fix it.

and then i got distracted.

and i wanted to post a blog about how freaking excited i am to be back here at school.

and then i was really cold so i texted corinne who wasa outside and i said "im cold"
she said "come outside"
and i said "ok"

and then i went outside and shut the door behind me.
she didn't have her id card and i just locked us out.

so after some bargaining i had to go call the ra on duty and wake her up so that she could unlock the door.
now everyone hates me.