Sunday, March 30, 2008

secret outing #2

i surprised heather, jackie , and julia with lunch at tio's tacos.
its this crazy sweet mexican restaurant. the food is kinda nothing special. well heather's chicken burrito was real good. so i recommend the chicken burritos.

but better than the food is the crazy art. the owner of the resturant has taken a bunch of random junk and turned it into fountains and statues.
so i never know weather to put the expiation above or below the pictures. today we are going to go with above.

a man and woman made out of toys. the womans dress is made out of barbie dolls. this is a chapel made out of old bottles. there are seats and an alter and a holy water holder thing on the inside. the ceiling is painted . its pretty remarkable.
a muffler band.
all of us! also these benches were pretty cool. they were made out of old bed frames.
mabe i will add more pictures once julia gets hers online.

i have pretty much have been blessed with some stinking awesome friends who accept random outings like this.

so as an art major i am allowed to sit here pondering art and beauty. what is art? is this stuff art? is it junk? does art have to beautiful? aesthetics? color? composition?
kinda off topic, but also related- i realy want to take a welding class. like i think if i got a torch and a bunch of steel i could make something pretty rad. mind you this is just a hypothesis. but i do want to try.

i think its awesome that the first verb in the bible is created. and i mean i am created in God's image. so now i need to get out there and create. and be creative.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

i reject knock-offs.

i really do not accept fake designer bags at all.
i just do not see the point in paying for a design that you know is stolen.

"According to the International Chamber of Commerce, counterfeiting makes up five to seven percent of global trade, or $450 to $500 billion. While any name brand is at risk for counterfeiting, the most commonly ripped-off labels include Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Christian Dior, Prada, Gucci and Burberry."

selling these bags is illegal (its trademark counterfeiting)
but guess what- buying the bags is also illegal. (just to clarify its not illegal to buy coach "style" bags that have a "g" instead of a "c" this is artistic interpretation) but i still don't see the point.
and my dislike is not really about the fake handbags, its about the child labor. there is no way to regualae te how the bags are manufactured.

this might sound harsh but buy buying these bags you are supporting organized crime and child labor. you are also stealing fro the designers who have worked hard to build up their brand.

when researching this issue i found this cool site. bag borrow or steal is sweet you can rent luxury bags for as low as $15 a week. so if having the brand name stuff is important to you but you cant shell out lots of money check this out before even thinking about buying a knock off bag.

and before this year i didn't even realize what an issue these knock-off bags are. i was reading an article in news week (i think thats where) about child trafficking and counterfeit bags. and now i just want to go up to people who are carrying fake bags and tell them that some starving child with horrible working conditions probably made their bag. but i know thats rude. so blogging seemed to be the perfect outlet for this rant.

the moment of truth.

so i watched the moment of truth while i was home for spring break. its crazy!!!!
the game show seems simple enough- the contestant is asked 50 questions ahead of time while hooked up to a lie detector test.

if they answer the questions 100% truthfully they win money. but one lie and the contestant loose everything.
the questions start out funny, "have you ever lied on you income taxes?" but they get way more personal.

watching the show just makes me realized how screwed up humans are.

so this girl admits to cheating on her husband and wins $100,000. then she is given the chance to double her money by answering three more questions.
they ask "do you think you are a good person"
she says "yes"
and her answer is deemed false.

so she cheated on her husband which is horrible.
but i almost think it is worse that she still thinks she is a good person. i think this is one reason its so hard to reach people in our culture. it's hard to get people to understand that they are sinners. everything is so relative. and to me relative truth makes no sense. i mean truth is truth right? i just cant wrap my head around it.

and then sometimes i forget what a crappy person i am. i do not deserve grace, none of us do.
but i do know if i ever went on that show i would be alright with saying i am not a good person. because im not. im a sinner. and i screw up all the time. but the awesome thing is that is doesn't matter. because i have grace.

here is that hour long episode in about three minutes.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

la playa.

so im at may grandparents house in north hollywood. and im trying to work on homework. key word: trying.

basically this little ten year old girl chevelle is here and she wants to play with me. and i taught her how to make some origami things. and we played cards. now i just want to do my homework in peace. like she keeps coming over and reading everyhting and asking questions. and like i was being totally nice and talking to her but now i have my headphones in and i am listing to music so maybe she will get the hint. it doesn't seem to be working though. she is still talking to me and AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so yesterday i went to the beach with eric, corinne, and paul (you guys need blogs!). it was a beautiful day. we played volley ball (well not really), and catch phrase (love!), took lots of pictures (well everyone else did and i didnt take a single picture), barbecued hot dogs (i like em burnt), and then had s'mores. no not some more hot dogs. s'mores.
(i took eric's pictures off facebook(i want a cool camera so i can have a rachel weinstein photography site))

chevelle is now watching sponge bob>>>>now back to the home work.
woah, its weird that i am excited about doing homework.

Monday, March 17, 2008

awkward google.

eric brought this to my attention.

so when you google "rachel weinstein" this is what you see...

"It's rachel. are you having sex with your boyfriend?" on that note... sex. ... weinstein in the house. My Photo. raychill: i have goals. ..."

that is so awkward! and so not the kind of first internet impression i want to give. so the solution to this problem is to put my name, rachel weinstein, into more posts.

happy saint patricks day! enjoy!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

the begining of freedom.

i kicked off my spring break with the best kind of party you can go to... a wedding!!!!!!
kimie cook is now kimie klawer. and i still dont know what to do, should i change her name in my phone book? (yes i have first and last names entered in my cell)

their wedding was beautiful. it really excites me to think about them spending the rest of their lives together. i really know that they love each other but more importantly the both love Jesus. their wedding really was awesome because Christ was the center, and if you want to have a successful relationship that really is the only way to do it. EEEE!!!!! congratulations mr and mrs klawer!!!!!!
(this is a picture from when we camped out at the mo val chick fil a opening.)
kimie you really should start blogging.

after the wedding i freed the gold fishies in the fortuna fountain. im just waiting for my suspension now. because that is probably breaking some rule. but im pretty good at rule breaking. then me and nik went to drew and johnie mac's apartment and we hung out and had some friendship.

saturday i went out to dinner with the fam for jacob's 16th birthday!!!! for his birthday ate meat! after practicing vegetarianism for about a year he gave it up. so we got to go out for steak!

then i watched a movie with janai and holly. it was nice and relaxing.

today i went to junior high and daniel talked about job and how crazy his life was, yet he still continued to praise the lord when everything was falling apart around him. not to sound lame or anything but i really identify with this. it has been a hard year and i still know that God has a plan for my life and He is the only reason for doing anyhting. its hard to remember that everything i do need to be a reflection of Him working in me. but im trying.

then i walked with holly and bryce to cvs to buy popsicles. i realized that i love popsicles. i watched a movie, started to pack and walked to subway with holly for dinner. jacob came over and we went to sandals together.

now im at home watching some antm.
and i still have a whole week of spring break left!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

dane cook is super funny.

so jackie heather and i drove down to hollywood. we parked the car and then took pictures in the bathroom. beacue that the culture we live in. its just a normal part of our lives. i look really sleepy. because i was really sleepy. i stayed up super late tuesday night finishing my photoshop project so i was running on not a lot of sleep.
so we waited in line for about four hours at the laugh factory. we were like the third party in line. it was sweet. we ended up getting seats in the third row!

so much fun! so much funny!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

oh photoshop, you are so silly.

i finished my multiplicity project. i got a late start on it. but im happy with how it turned out.

don't worry mom, im wearing clothes, it just doesn't look like it.

this is what the rest of the week looks like:
wednesday: chapel, class, class, write paper for young adult lit, dane cook live in la (im pretty excited about this), finish up homework, sleep
thursday: class till nine pm.
friday: kimie's wedding!!!
>>>spring break!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

secret outing #1

so heather is going away to school next year (either simpson or fresno pacific). and before she laeves so cal she wants to do a bucnh of random stuff.

so today she took jackie and me on a secret mini road trip. she wouldnt tell us where we were going. so we drove for about minutes and then got off the freeway and there they were

two huge dinosaurs. she took us to the giant dinosaurs of cabazon.
and we took lots of fun pictures. and we got to go inside the belly and into the gift shop. and we each bough at fitty cent baby dino.
and then we went to gramma's diner. and took more fun photos.

its cool because the dino gift shop/museum is totally operating from a creationist stand point. they have free info about the theory of evolution's false proclamations.
the creatures in this world were created by design not by chance.

so now we aregoing to take turns planning secret outings. stay tuned to hear what happens next. and any ideas for stuff to do would be super. because now i have to live up to giant dinosaurs.

Friday, March 7, 2008

learning from roommates.

so we all have our own way of doing things.
example: did you know some people put their egg shells down the garbage disposal? that is just weird to me. not that i cook eggs that often or anything

other observations

  1. jillian calls the remote control the buttons. she says, " do you know where the buttons are?" when she cant find it.
  2. she also calls sharpies permanent pens. i say permanent markers.
  3. holly makes her oatmeal in a pot. i don't know exactly how it works. she like measures a cup of water and a cup of oats (from the cardboard can thing!) and cooks it all together.
  4. i make my oatmeal by opening one of those little packets (cinnamon apple is my fave) and pouring it into a bowl. i then boil water in a tea kettle and pour it over the oats, mix it up and sometimes add milk. (my way i only have to wash one bowl instead of a bowl and a pot.)
  5. kristin uses a scrub brush to wash her dishes and monica uses a sponge.
  6. when monica makes a quesadilla she uses olive oil in a frying pan and does it that way. i just make mine in the microwave. (again it comes down to the number of dishes i have to wash.
  7. top ramen... everyone is a little different. i like to follow the directions on the bag (boil 2 cups water, add noodles, cook for 4 minutes, add seasonings.) some people put the water and noodle together and then microwave.
  8. cindy makes cookies using half crisco and half butter. holly uses honey in her cookies. monica seems to always put peanut butter chips in her brownies.
  9. sweetener? well cindy uses splenda for everything. i like sugar in the raw, that and i like to drink my drink before it gets the chance to dilute. i just find joy in crunching on sugar.
so am i creepy because of this list? nah, i think im just observant.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

biblical bibles.

So its seek week at school right now. and i don't even know why its called seek week.
you would think it mans that we are going to have a campus wide hide and go seek game. but then you would be wrong.

what i do know is that we have an awesome speaker three days in a row.
Voddie Baucham is speaking about biblical manhood and womanhood. and the chapel service today was pretty awesome. listen to it!

basically my standards have been raised. i know too often girls settle for some guy because he makes her feel good and feel wanted. but that is not all there is to it. if it was that easy our divorce rate wouldn't be so high. Americans knows how to fall in love but we just doesn't know how to submit.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

sex and accountability.

so i realized i don't know how to hold people accountable to stuff.
like do i just call them up and say,
"Hi! It's rachel. are you having sex with your boyfriend?"

on that note... sex.
and love. and dating. and marriage. and attraction. and purity. and sex. and God's plan for my feels weird to say that i have been learning a lot about those subjects lately, because the reality is i have never even dated anyone, well kinda have, but not really.

so i have been typing sentences and then deleting them. and the typing some more stuff and then deleting it. i had a few paragraphs but decided not to post it.
maybe i will finish this thought, but maybe not.

other news: i keep getting sick. all i want to do is sleep. im still coughing a little and my nose is stuffed up but i think im pretty much better.
we will see how i feel in the morning (read afternoon) when i wake up for class.