Thursday, January 7, 2010

not my senior semester.

if everything went according to plan i would be graduating in 4 months.

most of my closest friends are graduating in 4 months.
my roommates are graduating in 4 months.
a lot of my friends from high school are graduating in 4 months.

i am not graduating in 4 months.
i changed majors a few times.
i took a lot of expensive naps my freshman year (ie did not pass a few classes).
i decided to double major (art and graphic design are two separate programs, fyi).

this is just a weird place to be. today was the first day of classes and everyone is talking about their FINAL SEMESTER. but it's not mine.

i mean on the plus side i get to avoid the "real world" a little longer.

i love being at cbu. i love the community. i love that i can always find a group of people to hang out with. but next year, while i will still be here, most of the people who make this place so incredible will not.

i'll miss you guys.