Thursday, February 28, 2008

food fight.

"ethnic foodstuffs to re-enact the history of armed conflict since the Second World War. For example, the chapter on the Cold War shows a Big Mac rattling sabres with a pile of Beef Stroganoff and then skulking off-screen defeatedly."

saw this on Drawn! the illustration and cartooning blog.

another new friend.

bryce has a new blog.

check him out!

Monday, February 25, 2008

she was the collateral.

so i was studying at the coffee depot down town and there are three other people in the room.

so its 10:30 and tiff gets up and says, "i have to go home. mark take me home. i need to sleep."
and then they get into an argument because mark is also ashley's driver and she isn't ready to go yet. and the group paper is on tiff's computer and they have no way of printing out the file or something. they are real loud and annoying and they talk about flash drives and email accounts and burning cds and viruses. all this talking is real loud.

so i say, "hey i have a flash drive you can use to transfer the file." but thats not the answer because ashleys computer has a virus. blah blah blah. so mark asks if they can take it to their house and then bring it back to me. because tiff "had to go home right now!!" but ashley wasn't ready so she was going to stay at coffee depot and she would be the "collateral." his words not mine.

i really didn't care. like its just stuff. so i let the guy take my flash drive. part of me thought i wouldn't be getting it back.

and then for the next forty minutes i had awkward conversations with ashley. she is a double major in bio and art from ucr and she cusses so much. like non stop. i just haven't been around that in a long time. she talked alot but never asked any questions. it seemed like she just wanted someone to listen to her. "im collateral?" she said. "that sounds important. i have never been something important before."

i don't know. it was just sad. and i wanted to talk to her more. but i didn't. and then mark came back to pick her up and said thanks for the flash drive and gave it back to me.

i don't know what i was expecting but i thought maybe they would have left a word document on there with like a "thank you for your kindness. lets be friends and talk about jesus"document. but none of that happened. and i will probably never see tiff, ashley, and mark again. i didn't even introduce myself. i don't even know their names.

it was just a weird night at coffee depot.

more new friends.

yay blog time for:
monica and holly!

not to brag, but i have almost converted my whole cottage.
the only person left is bethany. superman are you going to start a blog?

(cindy im sorry you arnt in this picture. i still like you.)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

because im a film student.

so now that im a film student (well im taking one film class) i am qualified to give my opinions about movies.

i just got back from seeing no country for old men. not really the type of movie i would choose to see if i could pick anything in the world. but it is up for like a million (8) oscar's.

meh. actually i really dont know what i want to say about it. uhh i liked how the credits just came on with no music. and i want to get an air gun. not because i want to kill people, i just think it would be fun to have the power to shoot out locks.

so these are my picks for the 80th annual oscars. in the categories i have an opinion in. now mind you i havent seen all the movies and in real life my fave movie is the sisterhood of the traveling pants.

Best Picture: JUNO! i rarely see a movie twice while in theaters, because im relatively cheap. but i saw it twice, and then watched it online illegally. and bought the soundtrack. and sean from degrassi was totally in it. and im an arrested devlopment fan. and my enlish teacher from sophomore year was jennifer garnier's room mate or something cool like that. and thoes are the reasons juno should win.

Actress: ellen page. she was hillarious. and i want to be her friend. and she is canadian (i think).

Supporting Actor: javier bardem. he was so creepy. and i think that makes him a good actor. but i wouldnt want his support any time soon.

Supporting Actress: saoirse ronan. the little sister from atonement. because she also mastered the creepy.

Director: im just going to pick juno in every category it got a nomination.

Original Screenplay: juno.

Animated Feature Film: surfs up. because shia is in it. but i havent seen any of these movies.

Sound Mixing:transformers. anyone who can make a monster truck talk did a good job mixing.

Sound Editing: ratatouille. getting a rat to talk seems harder than making a truck alien talk.

Original Song: raise it up from august rush.

Costume: hm. across the universe. although i loved that green dress in atonement.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the problem with being nocturnal in a day-turnal society.

  1. i do a lot of my homework in the dark.
  2. the cafeteria is not accommodating to 11pm dinner times
  3. i never get to eat breakfast
  4. when exciting stuff happens in the morning (ex:snow in riverside) i miss it
  5. i have a hard time waking up for chapel

so today i woke up to a phone call at 10:02... chapel starts at 10 (but you can roll in as late as 10:15 for credit). so i brushed my teeth and changed out of my pjs. i decided to wear jeans, my rainbows
and this shirt

the problem: its raining outside. and im cold. and i want to shower.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

new blogging friends.

welcome liz and justine to the world of big kid blogs.

and keep converting friends.

holly- still no blog?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

attention: people who want to give me stuff.

hi. i dont like getting flowers.
holly (who needs to start a blog) was sayting that flowers are a lame gift. and i agree. they just die. she brought up the idea of a potted plant. for my graduation my uncle john gave me a potted hibuscus plant. and its so huge now. we had to move it into a new pot it got so huge.

but how about this alternitave to flowers?
The Common Cold, The Flu, Sore Throat, Stomach Ache, Cough, Ear Ache, Bad Breath, Kissing Disease, Athlete's Foot, Ulcer, Martian Life, Beer & Bread, Black Death, Ebola, Flesh Eating, Sleeping Sickness, Dust Mite, Bed Bug, and Bookworm

i think these microbes are so cute.
just look at the little salmonella.

seriously! so cute.
you can order them singularly or in a petri dish of three.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

i am anti-anti-valentines day.

i think its silly when people are super anti valentines day.

its like the day of love. so whats not to love?

which put me in a mewithoutyou mood.
i have also been listening to manchester orchestra non stop.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

my school is so werid.

today in my graphic design class we spent the entire hour photo-shopping an old man's wrinkles away. i have this problem where i am easily distracted and easily entertained. so after i was done de-wrinkling i covered up peoples eyes with skin. (this one was quick, just to illustrate a point, the others were better). (well as better as skin for eyes can be).

and then in my youth ministry class tony steward talked about social media. it was sweet. i love wikipedia even more than the next person so the info was right up my alley.
stuff i enjoyed:

  1. wikipedia is written by millions of people who have a specific area of expertise while encyclopedias are written by ten really smart people.
  2. facebook is a mall (you have stores you shouldn't go into and some books you shouldnt read. there is a limited amount of mischief going on because there is mall security to break it up but for the most part you see happy families with children in strollers).
  3. myspace is a red light district. prostitutes are constantly soliciting you and asking you for sex and money. the advertisements are not g-rated at all.
  4. ask a ninja is the most watched podcast. and no one in my class had heard of it. im like the only nerd in there.
  5. rss stands for really simple syndication. who knew?

i start my sentencs with i because i am egocentric.

i am not going to junior high tonight.

i have to read jacob have i loved. and write a paper on it.
i have to read a bunch for film class. watch several hours of film. and write a few papers.
i have to read hurt. write a paper on that.
i have a some photoshop project to do.
i need to read a wrinkle in time and write a paper on that.
i have no homework for my aesthetics class.

i want to clean my room.
i want to wash my sheets.
i want to do laundry.
i want to make some valentines cards for people.

i have been listeing to the aquabats! and that puts me in a good mood.

i am going with cindy to do some homework at coffee depot.

Friday, February 8, 2008

30 hour famine.

tomorrow i will be partisipating with the jr highers and high schoolers at the grove in world vision's 30 hour famine.

the whole event is to raise awareness about the 30,000 children who die every day due to preventable causes. its also a great learning experience for the kids (and leaders) as we dont eat for 30 hours and in this time experience a little of what our brothers and sisters live with every day.

leading up to the famine we have been doing a 30 day challenge. we have been fasting from something different each day (tv, internet, a jacket, comfort, people...).

it has been sweet. i have been learning a lot about materialism.
it just seems like God really wants me to get this point: stuff does not matter. at all.
this concept that is so contrary to the american dream has just been all over the place- the passion conference, chapel, and conversations with friends.

i really want to live radically but i dont know how to do this. especially in a "christian bubble" at cbu where i am surrounded by "christians." i really struggle with this.
let me try to explain: so i know people who are really strong in their faith but then they are totally driven by money. like i know their relationship with god is real- but then why are they no different than the rest of america? and i see everyone around me living in the lap of luxury so isnt it alright for me to splurge on some awesome gadget? or another movie? or a five dollar drink at starbucks?

i have tried several times to simply cut stuff out of my life. but its hard. especially when i am surrounded by crazy amounts of advertising everywhere i go. and i always seem to find a way to rationalize spending my money on something stupid.

so basically im excited. i know i can only grow more from this weekend.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

the refuge idol.

so tonight at junior high we had an awesome lip-sync contest. amazing.

jackie, heather, and i threw together a last minute n*sync song. bye bye bye. we were alright.

kristin, emily, and hailey rocked the house with fabulous from high school musical 2. hilarious.
then some jr highers won in the costume department in my book. there pokemon outfits were spot on.

the top dog winners of the night: love shack! these girls practiced.
stevie and daniel brought a tear to my eye with their heart warming rendition of breaking free.

so there were so many highlights.
question: when do you get to see your pastor dress like a girl and sing a hillary duff song?
answer: as often as you like. daniel bishop, you are on the internet.

valentines day.

so next week it seems as if everyone is planning some sort of valentines day get together.

rotic (romantic without the man)- a nice italian dinner for girls
cottage toga party- remember to follow cbu dress code
move night- they will be playing enchanted

i think im going to the toga part for sure. i will probably not attend the other events.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

i gave into peee pressure.

(the title should say peer pressure. but i thought peee was funnier so i kept it.)

tonight jackie heather and i went to a show at chain reaction.

the higher
the matches

17 dollars for the tickets
free dinner at el pollo loco from jackies grandma.
sweet night.

as far as the music goes... not to sound stereotypical or anything, but-
i loved the matches old stuff so much more. e von dahl killed the locals is far superior to decomposer. they totally sold out.
(sam from the matches last spring)
sherwood was more fun when they used to decorate the stage with flowers. although the massive amount of bubbles were a nice touch.
(joe and dan from sherwood last fall)
the higher was fun. insurance is a fun song. i decided i am a fan of hair. in a variety of different ways. i just like hair.

but now im back in the cottage and i have homework to do. homework that i really should have done instead of going into anaheim.
and we need to put a lip sync together for junior high tomorrow night.
and i want it to be good.
invitation: anyone who wants some cheap entertainment should go to the refuge tonight. lip sync competition. pizza. junior highers. 6:30.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

27 dresses.

so turned in my application for ra. and this is something i really want to do. alot.
its seriously not even about the free housing (which would be nice) or the single room (which would be nice). its about getting to work with girls and build relationships and build community and the more i think about it the more love cbu. and i feel like i could do a good job of encouraging my residents to be the people God wants them to be. sadly though 150 applications were turned in for only 60ish spots. and a lot of great people applied. so if i dont get it i will be bummed but i know that there was someone better for the job and its just not the right time.
i had my interview on friday. and it was silly. overall i think i did a good job. i had fun, laughed a lot, cried a little. ended it off with a display of my coolest talent. i can stick my finger pretty far into my eyeball socket.
and then this morning form 8:30- 12 all the ra applicants had to go thorough a three part group interview process day thing. it was a lot of fun. we were split into nine groups and my group (pink2!) was awesome. some super nice people. we are pretty much all friends now and im excited to see them around campus!
after lunch and bible study i took a nap. it was so nice.

about five thirty chelsea jumped on top of me and woke me up.
randomly chelsA called me monday and asked if i wanted to hang out with her. and i did. so we did.

we started out the night with panera and some great conversation. catching up is fun, there is always so much to talk about. and lots of laughing. we saw 27 dresses. so cute. nice chick flick. happy ending. love story. lots of laughs. see it if your into that sort of think. don't if your not.
coffee depot and back to the cottage for some more laughing, myspace stalking, and applying. haha.
so after finishing my profile we decided not to submit it. so sadly if my soul mate (whatever that means) is on that site i may never find him. but seriously the questions they as are super funny. so if you're ever bored and in the mood for a good laugh...
random fact:chelsea is compeating in the miss riverside pageant. im excited for her. she has to study the history and through her research (wikipedia) she learned that maeby from arrested development is totally from riverside.