Monday, May 25, 2009

6.58/10 takes your face and uses geometry to determine how beautiful your face is.

from their FAQ page: Our specific algorithm is proprietary, but we take into account many factors from neoclassical beauty, modern research papers, and our own scientific studies/statistical analysis.  Examples include things such as comparing innerocular distance to mouth width and nose width to face height.

i got a 6.58
my eyes are too small. 
and my nose is too wide. 

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.
psalm 139

Sunday, May 24, 2009

i love southern california.

i love so cal. 

where else could you plan to go to the beach. then on the way there change your mind and head into hollywood.
and then drive around bel aire and see michael jackson's house, and the jonas brothers house. 
then go back to hollywood blvd and see a taping of the jimmy kimmel show.

and then end the night with a trip to the santa monica pier with a ride on the ferris wheel. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

now, make a fist. slowly ease it up underneath your chin.

when i was in jr high the cool thing to do was to go to the mall with your bff find matching shirts, buy them and then go to photmakers to get pictures taken. 
you could get 50 wallets each for 20 bucks or something.
then the next day you go to school and pass them out to 50 of your closest friends and write something sentimental on the back like "hey gurlie, i am sooo glad we r friends. stay sweet. don't ever change. love rachel."

found this photo while cleaning my room. i think that this is me in 7th grade with my friend eleanor. well i mean i know it's me and eleanor, but im not sure what year. 

you got to pick the background and the color. if you were a ba you would get flames, but we simply chose the cosmic blue background. sometimes they would put random pillars in the background. and the fist under the chin was a must.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


for some reason tonight i was reminiscing about what me and my friends used to do in high school for fun. and all my favorite memories seem to be filled with vandalism, and trespassing. 

well you see in my day i have ceran wrapped a bunch of cars. 
and tp-ed quite a few houses.  (and forked, and tortillaed, and coned, and garage saled) 
and snuck onto a few golf courses to go ice blocking.
but all that fun pretty much stopped when we turned 18. 
i think the reason for stopping was that now we were "real adults" and if we were caught we could go to "real jail" for our crimes. 

and im going to turn 21 this summer and sometimes i just want to go tp a house. but i feel like i am too old for that. and no one would want to go with me. 

the other thing we use to do was go to elementary schools and play tag or sardines or virus or hide and go seek games. and i really miss it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

pink eye.

it seems to be a trend that i am always cleaning my room when i am at my home. moving back and forth from school makes it really hard for me to stay organized. 

just found my madeline doll. 
you know, in a old house in paris, covered with vines
twelve little girls in two straight lines
blah blah blah, they broke their bread, something about  half past nine. 
the smallest one is MADELINE. 

but for some reason when i was little i took a red marker and drew around her eyes and gave her pink eye. 

Friday, May 1, 2009

country and lots of blogs.

this is a screenshot of my google reader right now. 

i have so many unread blogs that i need to catch up on right now.

the past few weeks i really haven't had time to just sit down and read the hundreds of blogs im subscribed to. 

except for the blogs in my friends folder, i always keep up on those. 

so now i guess ill get started on these. 

side note. 
i hate country music. one of the main things we argued about in louisiana was music choice. it just annoys me. 

but then last week jackie went and bought taylor swift's new album. and we listened to it. and i really like it. i don't know that i really accept the country style of it, but i really really like her lyrics. when im listening i just want to be her friend. she seems like such a cool girl. and i just want to hang out with her. 

so i don't know if i should give any other country artists a chance now. 
is there anyone out there worth my time?

summer 2009.

i can not believe summer 2009 is already here. 

this blog is more for my own reflection rather than your reading pleasure. so whoever you are, if you decided not to read this blog that is totally understandable. 

so far my summer vacation has been pretty good. 
tuesday morning some of my roommates (manada and christina) woke me up and told me we were going to disneyland. so we went. just for the morning tho. 

when i got back to school i had to start packing up my room. jacob and his friend charles came to help me move my stuff. that was so nice, i didn't really have to carry anything out. corinne and i then made a cribs stye video tour of our cottage. stay tuned, will be posting that soon. also took a trip to rite aid to get some ice cream with jennifer. that was a funny experience, we went to one and all their ice cream was frozen solid and they couldn't scoop into it. so we called another rite aid. and they were out of the flavors we wanted so we had to go to a third rite aid. 

wednesday everyone from my cottage woke up and ate breakfast together. i am seriously so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to live with those girls this year. when i tell people that i lived in the cottage they normally said, "wow. nine girls all in that tiny house, how can you handle it?" but really we all got along so well. im excited that i get to live with three of the girls next year: corinne, justine, and molly. amy and teresa will be graduating on saturday and i will miss them for sure. and then amanda and christina both live close enough that i hope to see them this summer. 

then after i moved out of my room i went to disneyland with jackie sam and andrew. but we were only there for a few hours. it was fun though. we watched honey i shrunk the audience... haven't seen that in years. it's always fun to do something new... or old. 

when we got back to cbu the most random group of people had assembled for a late night beach trip. random group. so we went to the beach. walked around. and just sat on the sand. 

then i spent the night at jackie's apt. because after being checked out of my housing assignment for  9 hours i still wanted to sleep at school. 

then thursday morning we woke up and went to buy a bunch of tickets for the midnight showing of wovlerine. i came home and took a nap. 

then i helped my mom cook some curry for dinner. delicious. i think im going to have a little bit more after i post this blog. we watched the office together and i really missed corinne and jordan who i normally watch it with. 

then i went to the plaza to wait for wolverine to start. the theater was out of control full of cbu people. it was fun.  and we stayed behind to watch the final scene that plays after the credits roll. well someone stopped the movie and we all missed the final 10ish seconds of the movie and they gave everyone replacement tickets. nice.

well that has been my last three days. its been fun. if you actually read this blog im sorry for boring you. and im sorry for my worse than normal grammar and spelling. but it is 4 in the morning, so give me a break.