Wednesday, December 9, 2009


yesterday i was scolded for neglecting my blog.

tonight i was working on my stupid model gallery project. i felt like i was in fourth grade building a model of a mission or something. only this time i didn't have my dad to help and give me guidance.

first i had to go to walmart (ew) (but thanks for taking me jackie!) because target was closed.

so i got home and measured and drew up the blue prints on the foam core. and then it was time to cut. i got all the walls and stuff cut out and i was ready to glue.

while gluing everything together i got a little gorilla glue on my hands. i tried washing them with soap and water. that only seemed to make everything worse. corinne suggested trying nail polish remover. that didn't remove the glue... instead pieces of the cotton ball that i was using to wipe it off just got stuck to my hand.

i ended up soaking my hands in hot soapy water and scrubbing with some exfoliating face wash for about 20 minutes. now my skin just feels rough and weird.


Jillian said...

scolded is a harsh word. i don't think we scolded you.

ok maybs we did. but i'm glad that it was effective and that you finally blogged. i've missed it.

Molly said...

Hahaha. i like this story and laughed lots at the napkin thing. but that might be cause it is midnight and i feel a little out of it. i'm glad you are blogging.

Anonymous said...

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doraemon said...

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